Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Like Mother, Like Daughter!

I was just directed to a wonderful new blogger, Dianne at Diannes Dilemmas.

Thanks to my daughter!

I can't wait to see how she shares her journey.

Today, her blog reminded me of me.

Rarely, in our early years of marriage did we have the money for new things, but a home had to be furnished. So off to the consigment shops, garage sales, estate sales (the best) and other places to find those items that we could give new life to. I was fortunate, if you want to call it that, to clean houses for some of the lawyers and doctors in my home town. Not really a carriere to be proud of but it allowed me to work on my schedule or shall I say, my childrens. Plus it paid very well. I remember hoping that someday, I would have a home like theirs and someone to help me keep it clean. (Oh, wow! I do! Well not the big fancy house, but I do have someone who cleans for me now.) They also would change their decor so often that the things they were getting rid of were in excellent shape. Home they would come.

It didn't stop with home decor. My kids were involved in many children productions through school. Something we don't see as much of today, but back then, there was always something special being arranged for many holidays or events. These events would require special dress and most likely be something they would never wear again. So off to the the consigment store, Salvation Army or Goodwill we would go.

Even her nursery, her crib was an old 1957 Lullibye with those cute little decals and pastel balls. I still have it and her son and daughter used it, at my house of course, when they visited. I used old wooden crates painted white for shelves, and an old dresser painted white and raised with painted wood blocks to match for the perfect height of a changing table. The only thing new in her nursery was the rocking chair we bought from gifts received. I sewed all the curtains, dust ruffle, and chair paids from a bolt of yellow gingham material my mom had in her chest.

And that consigment shop I frequently visited I also began selling the things my kids had outgrown. Each week, I could go in, find that I had money on the books from the items sold, allowing me to buy other items. Once I took in these old pink polka dot vases. I thought they were really ugly. To my surprise, they were worth quite a bit and sold for $26 dollars each. They were always fair in the pricing and had a section just for collectables. Never had any of my items found a home there so it was nice to see these vases amongst other cherished items. When they sold, it allowed me to buy many new outfits for my kiddos.

My mom was just as crafty, using old things and bringing new life to them. If ever she would think of a use for something other then what it was meant for, my BIL would step up to the plate. Turning an old buffet into an entertainment center, or an old refrigerator into a beer kig dispencer for my dad. Her forte was sewing, crafting and cooking though. I remeber going to orchards with her to buy lugs of fruit to can and then using those lugs for other things as well. She would never pass up fabric and had a chest full of many different types. If ever I needed something to make a costume or recover a chair, I would go shopping at her house first. If ever I needed a recipe or directions on how to cook something, she had the answers. Now I have her binder of all her recipes and her OLD Better Crocker recipe book. I have a new one that was bought but it has none of the recipe or direction like this old one has. It is the one that gets used the most. And guess what, I still collect and use lug boxes.

Now my daughter has turned into a very crafty and thifty shopper, home decorator, and scrapbooking gal.

Like Mothers, Like Daughters.

So, as her daughter blogged, "Do you have any great "junking" stories or words of wisdom to share?"


  1. I work for an auction company and we have about 150 auction a year! Half or more are Personal property... this is the end all be all of garage sales and the deals that are had! I have found more then my share of great things, though I am very choosey with the sales I attend... b/c I would have a HOUSE FULL if I didn't!

  2. I am not allowed to collect 'junk' as Joe Calls it...he inspects everything I bring into the house and will toss it at any chance if it is not something he deems we really need...I tell him he is like the polar opposite of a hoarder...haha! ;) He drives me nuts!!! Haha!

    Hey, I also have something for you over at my Blog...head on over to 'claim' it. ;)



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