Thursday, February 25, 2010


Ok, it's 1:22 in the afternoon and I am still in my robe and nightgown.

Lately it has been happening a lot. Yesterday was no different as I rested from a miserable night. I get these spells of choking and I can't breathe. This one lasted almost all night. I was so tired and drained I didn't make to Bible Study last night. While hubby worked out in the wood workshop, I watch the movie Women then listened to music while I read my Bible.

Today I am not in any kind of funk, just don't feel like getting dressed. There is no where to go, no one coming over, and Bella enjoys tugging at my robe as I walk past.

I have wrote a few post for next week, because we will be gone.

I have shined my sink, did a few loads of laundry and have swept up doggy debris (no not potties, she is alreay house broke), more then once. Seems she likes to bring in twigs and leaf's, then leave the mess for me to clean up. Along with all her other interesting toys...water bottle, an old black plastic plant container, and a plastic bowl that use to be our 'Grands'. That  bowl one is the funniest...with it flipped over, she tries to get her teeth to flip it back but on hardwood floors it just skids acroos the floor and she chases's crazy funny. Yesterday I got a few seconds of it on video but have no idea how to upload to here. So a picture of her with it will have to do.

Hang on...I hear her into something again....seems she likes the wrought iron handles on my nightstand. Amazingly, she was able to flip it up (it's one that has a ring type thingy) and was able to open the drawer. Thankfully there was nothing interesting in the draw for her. When I walked in to see what she was into, she sat up like a pretty girl and gave that look of, "I wasn't doing anything?"

Oh, and while doing all the above, I watched King Ralph along with my recording of GMA and Pioneer Women. If you missed it, hop on over to her blog. She has a link to it. I use to make a kickass pot roast. Haven't made one since 1992 when my hubby stopped eating red meat.

What else do I have planned for today...absolutely nothing. It only took me 42 minutes to get this with a 2 month old puppy is like having a two year old in the house.


  1. What's wrong that makes you choke????? That doesn't sound good at all!! Have you seen the doctor?

    Bella looks so beautiful and so full of mischief as all puppies are!!! Our dogs are all middle aged now so they don't go quite so crazy inside but they still have their moments outside where the four of them bark and wrestle to their hearts content! Then I have to put them in our front hallway because they all look like snowmen and they have to thaw!! This happens all winter.

  2. What a beautiful puppy, Bella will keep you hopping, take care.



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