Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Way Back When-sday - Just a piece of Our Journey

My blogging about Our Journey Through LIFE gets a lot of help from link ups, hops, carnivals, and other ways of writing and sharing with others. It is something I have been enjoying so much.

Today it's Way Back When-esday and you can link and hop around with Twinfatuation.

This particular link up, allows me to go back and remember Our Journey Through LIFE with our twins. A journey that has always brought us so much joy, along with some frustrations and struggles, and I can't imagine this journey without them.

Our daughter, was so thrilled to be the big sister to her brothers. She even asked for me to bring them to preschool for show and tell. She would always show them everything and try to teach them what she already knew. So when it was time for the annual parade for the county fair, she was determined to lead them down the road. Eventually daddy had to untie them as they were just to much for her to pull.
August 1982

Our little butterflies, even then, were ready and eager to fly through life!


  1. Oh Elizabeth, I LOVE the fact that big sister wanted to "share" them at Show & Tell! So glad you are joining in with this week's edition!

    Great, great, Way Back When-esday! Thanks so much for playing along!



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