Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thanks to My Daughter

My daughter,

Not only scrapbooks,

as you can see here.
She introduced me to blogging.
I had done it a few times a few years ago, but last year,
when we decided to have our 1st Annual Halloween Party,

she kept sending me ideas from

From there she hooked me up with NoBloPoMo
and for the month of November I blooged every single day.

During that time we saw this...

Our recent cake, and the idea came from Mckmama.

Whenever we decide to do a theme party,
she is great for searching blogs
and the internet for a number of idea's.

Like our Mario Party for 'Grand' Bugs 7th Birthday,
ideas came from a number of websites and blogs.

And of course she scrapped it and was recognized here.

We have created a Princess Tea Party

Complete with Thrones for the girls to open their gifts

We've done Pirates

Complete with treasure map

And an awesome treasure chest cake that she made.

And I can't forget JoJo and the Big Top Circus

Where even had clowns and cotton candy

But this is the cake that started it all,
Noah's Ark for 'Grand' Bugs 1st Birthday

There was no tutorial for it, just a picture out of a magazine.
I used animal crackers and frosted them.
A round cake cut in half for the ark.

That Christmas, I got my daughter her first cake books and kits,
and the rest is history.

We've done so many since that first birthday like
The 100 Acre Woods, complete with a
Tigger Cake and honey pot cupcakes.

Other themes
A Rock Star Rocking Party

Complete with stage for the kids to perform on.

Then there was Bob the Builder.

and Dora the Explorer

Where the kids picked out a cake from the bakery.
So you see, we don't always make our own cakes.

No matter what or how, we love throwing parties
and thanks to my daughter,
for being able to search and finds ways to get'er done.

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