Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remodel-Part 3-The GRAND Finale

This will probably be the longest of them all and was defiantley the biggest.

I had to go back through picture of events to find ones that have how it use to look. Bear with me, some are not the best pictures but it will at least give you an idea of how it once was.

I found one in my search of that divider shelf from the hallway to what we use to use as the dining room.



By no way is this the finished look, the columns still need stained or painted and the old desk and curio cabinet will be moved out after the base boards and molding are completed in the new dining room. For the longest time, furniture as been moved around and relocated so many times to accommodate the work. Not much longer and there will be a place for everything and everything in it's place.

We used this area for the dining area for a couple of years.

Now you can see the ugly pink carpet that was in every room, even the master bathroom. So out it went and the room was gutted for new flooring

For a year or so we used it for a dining room again.

Until it was time to start on the other end of the house, we turned the dining area into the T.V. area for this stage of the remodel.

The new kitchen was going where the family room use to be and the family area was going to be in the old kitchen area.

At least that was our plan, and as our journey through life doesn't always go as planned, our plans changed along the way. The plan was to have the family/T.V. room off the new kitchen but once it was opened up and we used that area for Thanksgiving 2009 dinner, during the final stages of the work...

we decided to leave the T.V. area where it is...

and keep the BIG area for the dining room.

Now how did we get took a lot of work, all which needed to be done, or to a point we could stop for our daughter upcoming wedding, September 2009.

At the end of 2008, we had the wall that divided the old kitchen and the old bar area removed.


Here you can also the entry way and old the bar area. Don't you just love the fake wood stuff. I so hated it and couldn't wait for it to come down.

Next came putting in the new door to the patio.

Then replacing, removing and raising the windows for the new kitchen.

We needed to extend one of the walls to accomadate the new kitchen layout.

Add the columns for the new bar area.

Walls, windows, plumbing, and electrical are now ready.

It's finally time for the cabinets to be installed.

At this point we were already just over 2 weeks behind schedule and to add to it, most the cabinets arrived a different color then some and some were damaged in the loading or unloading from the local builder. When they were on their way back with the corrected ones, after 3 days, we suggested they used blankets or cardboard to protect them. When they went to install the cabinet for the sink, (you can see it there by the window), it was totally wrong. I was told to have our farm sink on hand before they made it, yet they never came to measure, nor did they take the picture of how we wanted it installed. It took them 3 tries to get it right. Finally, and after another 2 weeks, the base cabinets were in and the granite can be installed.

It's finally time for the upper cabinets can go in, and we are over 4 weeks behind schedule. As our luck would have it, there was again problems. Some we too big and others had gaps between where they met the counter. We also had to get the tiling done. Of course we did that work ourselves, no fancy inlays, and we got it done in 2 days.

We had only one week to get them fixed and for the flooring to go in before we left for a week vacation. My best friend had announced she was getting married two weeks before our daughter and asked us to stand up for them. With constant calls and a lot of nagging, yes I CAN nag, our schedule was met just two days before we had to leave.

I LOVE, and can I say it again, LOVE my kitchen.

We still have some minor work to do, like baseboards and trim, trim out and stain the columns, add trim around the dining room windows, unpack stuff that has been stored and rearrange furniture that had found new homes while we did all this. None of which is considered MAJOR construction. I just love that all major construction is finally done.


  1. Elizabeth, really...your home is absolutely beautiful! I love it. I love all the wood, and the color in the kitchen. I would stain those columns rather than paint them, but that's just me. So gorgeous!

  2. We decided to stain with the same color as the kitchen. Thanks

  3. WOW!!! You guys did an amazing job! I hope you enter either your bathroom or the room with the bar in Keely's room contest!

  4. Wow, it looks wonderful. I love it.



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