Wednesday, January 20, 2010

One Full Hump Day!

We drove to Phoenix last night during one heck of a storm. Since my hands were clenched tight to the arm rest, plus the fact it was dark, there was no way to take any pictures of that experience. You're just going to have to believe me that the pounding rain, winds, and semi trucks, created blinding white out moments. By the time we got to Casa Grande the rain had stopped but the wind was still blowing. We found a motel, got checked in, hooked up the heating pad for my ribs, seems I live with that thing lately, and settled in for the night by 9:30.

We started our day slow, had lunch at a cute little mom and pop cafe.
By the time we got to Scottsdale today,
all that was left of the storm was a few puddles and some clouds.

We arrived at

To pick up all these boxes of parts for our Police sons

And these...

and this one....

And last but not least, this one.

The guy at the shop didn't think we were going to get them all in the truck and was very impressed with how Hubby was able to fit them in like a puzzle.
Silly me, I forgot to take a picture after it was loaded but did take a few when we got home safe and sound with them.

On the way home we did come across more remnants of the storm.

I also finally got a picture of tree in the median that someone had decorated for the holidays. Not bad considering it was through the window, going 75 miles an hour and no where to stop to take it. We have seen it a few times before on other trips but always managed to miss the shot. I was happy to get what I got and who knows, maybe next time through, I'll try again for a better shot.

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  1. Ohh I hate driving in the rain, especially at night. Glad you made it safely. You still got some nice pictures to show for it!



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