Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Meet Bella

I was so looking forward to this New Year. After all the turmoil we experienced a few times last year, it could only get better, right, but it threw us another dart, straight to my heart.

The loss of a dog that had been by our side for 9 years, was a companion for our grandson, was the princess in the castle, was taken from us, unexpectedly. We have 2 other dogs that are 12 years old and know that they too will be leaving us someday, but it is expected. The difference is we will get to say goodby.

This was the second time we had lost a dog by means of a car. After our first guy, Pugsly was lost the same way when we moved out to the country, we got not one new dog but two. They were never let outside the gates without being closely watch. I never wanted to go through that loss again and protected them in many ways to the point of OCB.

Maybell joined our household in 2000 and quickly entered our hearts with so much joy. However, as she got older, she learned how to open the gate. each time my heart would sink. She would be scoulded and told about the dangers outside the gate, but being a dog, being a lab, she had a mind of her own. A strong willed mind at that. Not but a few months ago, during one of her escapes, she was up on the levie and as I called her home, a lump in throat grew as she darted down the embankment toward the calls, right in the path of cars. OMG! It became a routine that the gate be checked each and everytime anyone came and went. Even a few weeks ago, while the housekeeper was unpacking her truck with cleaning supplies, she managed to take advantage of the unlocked gate, like she knew she could get out, and immediately was down the road. The housekeeper was able to bring her home. I couldn't wrap my mind around why she was always trying to get out. Why now, after 9 years, did she feel the need to always get out. What was outside the gate that she needed to put her life in danger for? We will never understand or know, but you can bet, and I pray God hears, it will never happen again.

To  ease our hearts, we are looking for another lab.

Meet Bella...

We believe that God understands our needs and if she is to find a home with us, it will be by his will. She is not ready for adoption until January 8th and there are other families looking at her as well. I filled out the application and the rest is in Gods hands. If she is not the one for us, we will find the Bella that is.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding;" (Proverbs 3:5)
Is it wierd to have already picked out a name for a dog we haven't gotten or know we will get? But just thinking that one day soon we will have a Bella to mend our broken heart, helps the healing. We'll begin to acquire all the necessary supplies a new puppy needs, clean up the kennel as we always kennel train our dogs. Makes the housebreaking so much easier. Will Jake and Abby welcome her and be the grandparents to this little one? Will Tucker accept her as a sister? So many preparations. So much to look forward to while we grieve the loss of Maybell. It warms our hearts to know the joy and love a new dog bring to our home.


  1. Oh, she is a cutie! Love the little pink scarf too. I hope you get her.

  2. Not her, they called and she is $2000, unbeleivable. I can;t imagine anyone paying that for a puppy. It's not like we will be showing her, just loving her. One will come our way in God's time. We'll keep looking.

  3. Oh my goodness I am sorry! our dog is getting up there in age (golden retreiver) and this morning I found him having a ciezure. It is something that he has sturggled with his whole life, but it reminds me that he does not have much longer with us. It will break our hearts. I hope that you are able to find Bella and mend your heart soon!

  4. We have had names picked before we have our dogs too! Somehow it makes the dog fit the name better!!
    That's awfully expensive for any dog. I'm afraid we wouldn't pay that when there are so many shelter dogs who need good, loving homes...

  5. My sister is a huge animal lover (not that I am not, just not to the extent she is) and I was able to be with her when her dog of 13 years, Marilyn, (who I actually watched being whelped when I was 12) was put to rest. She was very old and very frail and it was such a hard decision for my sister to make. I remember telling her that what a wonderful life she gave her dog, and how any dogs would be so grateful to have the life "Marilyn" did and to feel the love my sister had for her. So, my words of encouragement to you today are those same words. It seems as if you all loved her VERY much and I am sure she was so grateful to have you all as her family.

    I know this won't ease the hurt much, but I hope it puts a little smile on your face dirung these hard times.

  6. Thank you for all the condolences, they all help. Since Monday, that is what we do, remember the life we had with her, how happy she was and how happy she made us. Still dealing with the anger, mad at ourselves for not knowing she got out. So not like us. Why did she get out in the middle of the night? So not like her at all. Answers we will never have.



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