Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes I Did! Friday...But So Wish I DIDN'T!

A blog friend, Jeanette @ And on to Today is hosts a blog carnival every Friday. All you go on over to Jeanette's blog, sign into Mr. Linky, leave Jeanette a comment and write your own Yes I Did Friday confession. Don't forget to also grab Jeanette's button like above....

So with that said onto what I DID, or better, DIDN'T do this week.

Yes, I DID tear a tumor in my back on Sunday...

Which I DID end up flat on my back for the last 6 days! Well, not really flat but at least laid out!

So, I DIDN'T get to decorate, but my daughter DID! Her and the kiddos came over and put out a few things out. Sunday we will have a family evening of decorating the tree and putting up the rest of the decorations.

I DIDN'T get to go to Alpine to get a tree, but hubby DID get me one from a local tree lot. Not bad, 7ft Knoble Fir for $64...that's less then $1 a ft and it DIDN'T take a tank of gas.

I DID make it to the "Grands" School Christmas Program...but I DIDN"T make it to the very end. I saw them and they saw me though, that was worth it!

I DID get "some" gifts wrapped! Many more to go though!

I DID get my bedroom decorated, I DID get the glare of I DIDN'T need to be doing things like that, but I DID feel I needed to spruce up my surroundings.

My hubby DID finsih the major construction in the dining room, but DIDN'T get the baseboards and trim done, but it DID welcome my beautiful tree. Trim can wait till after the New Year.

And lastly...I DID welcome my housekeeper to take care of the dirty job of cleaning up the last of the construction debris.

What did you do this week?

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  1. You're tree is beautiful! Hope you feel better soon. Thanks for joining in this week!



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