Friday, December 11, 2009

"Yes I Did! Friday


Yes I DID posted early, it was housekeeper day, which allows me time for errands but no computer. And yes, I DID forget to go back and link up.

Yes, I DID love coming home to a clean house
Yes, I DID go down to the Electric Light Chirstmas Parade...

...And a wonderful time!

What did you do this week?

I can honestly say...not much!

I did get some of my Christmas decorations boxes out, but they are still just sitting there. It's not like I don't have the Christmas spirit, cuz I do! It's this darn remodel that was suppose to be done and it isn't! I just don't want  construction dust all over it, nor do I want anything to get bumped or broken.

I did make it to the flooring guy and found a hardwood product that matches what we already had down, that has since been discontinued. The flooring should be done this weekend, and though I won't have window dressings or anything in it's proper place, I should be able to begin adding some Holiday cheer next week.

I did take the time to get shopping done for our employee's Christmas party this weekend.

I did take my grand daughter to her dance lessons.

I did, finally, get all the Thanksgiving decorations put away.

So even though it started in a funk, it wasn't a week of junk!

If you want to know what other did this week, hop on over and link up with Jeanette.


  1. The weekend will soon be here to catch up! Sounds like you can't decorate until the work is done, so maybe decorating outside the house will cheer things up? Have fun!

    Alyzabeth's Mommy

  2. I slacked on getting my decorations up bigtime. I hope your remodel finishes soon and is just how you wanted it!

    Btw, you DID forget to link up! LOL. No worries, I'll link ya!

  3. Sorry about that. I did try when I posted but it said I had to wait to 3 housekeeper was to be here most of friday, which sends me off on errands and I wanted to get it posted. Meant to go back and link, but forgot.



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