Monday, December 14, 2009

Our Christmas Journey with Road Blocks and Detours!

With GOOD intentions I had wanted to blog about this years Christmas Journey, capturing each day's givings, each day's contributions, each day's activities. I have managed to blog each day, but no way near how I had hoped too.

December started out GREAT, but in just a day, things began to change. Though I had the ability to contribute for a couple days, it managed to continue in yet another direction, once again. As if my set back isn't enough, we found out Friday my hubby needs surgery to have a large caterac removed off his eye. For the last few months, he thought he just needed a new prescription for glasses, which he will need after the surgery, but we were not expecting this. Having no insurance means my overdo PET scan will have to wait just a little longer. As we always have done, we give it up to God and he always seems to take care of us, in His way.

As I lay here, now watching A Christmas Carol with George C. Scott (1984, thank God I recorded all these movies), along with reading, and reading, and reading, I can't help the urge to just get up (Oh, if only I could) and get with it! My Christmas spirit is just aching to get moving.

My dear sweet hubby brought me lunch and visited with me while waiting for our employee to pick him up. Seems there is a job to do that needs two, but not tow trucks. Saves on the gas bill. My daughter, who is always doing so much for me as it is, has offered to come over this evening after dance (yes, I am missing my grandma monday) and will get down my wrapping box so that I might get started on wrapping, hopefully tomorrow. Plus she will decorate some for me to at least have some mention of Christmas within my home. My police son is coming to crawl under the house so to connect the last of the wiring for the kitchen island, so that the access hole can be nailed down in the dining room, which was once the kitchen, and the last of the hardwood flooring can be installed. Once that is done, furniture, that has found temporary housing in numerious areas around the house, can be moved back into the dining area.

This Christmas is surely to be one of mixed up traditions as we settle into a newly finished remodeled home, as we arrange and find new places for the old and some new furnishing.

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  1. I think you are unbelievably brave to tackle the remodel project that you have done. Christmas IS in your heart even with mixed up traditions this year. peace, karen



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