Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Last Few Days...

I was going to write about..

Why is it...when you stay in an 4 or even 5 Start hotel, you pay more but get less?

Sure the room was beautiful and elegant, must pay for all the extra's...

Like the MGM, one is charged $14.99 for 24 hours of internet, not to be confussed with 24/7 or a one time charge, but for EACH 24 hours. You do not get what you PAY for was so slow, causing frustration, I GAVE UP trying! Thankfully we were refunded our money.

Then there were the extra CHARGES...They charged $20 for a guest service card, that gave you back the $20 to play at the slots, 25% off spa/salon services and 2 complimenty admissions to Stuido 54 or Tabu. Guess it's their way of getting you to spend more doing things you wouldn't normally do...well except for the slots.

Though there was some frustrating times, we had a wonderful time! So I will focus on the GOOD and let all the other things go!

On the way we went via Hoover Dam. Each time we go to Veags, I take pictures of the construction of the new highway they have been building.

Here is what it looked like in 2008....

Now what it looks like in 2009



Once in Vegas, it was time for the "The Final Lap!"


Then we went to "After The Final Lap"...

It was a great night, full of comedy and the driver's Q & A's.

Friday we headed out for a day of adventure....

 Then back to the Strip and Fremont Street

Our night ended with "The Bill Engval Show" at Treasure Island. (No Canera's Allowed).

Heading home...we stopped at

The grand Canyon Skywalk

Again...No Camera's Allowed on the Skywalk
But they take your picture for you.
(Sorry, this is a picture of a picture since my scanner is out of commission)

This is called Eagle in Flight Formation

It was VERRRRY Cold!

Next time, we plan to take the family, and found this great place to stay
Diamond Bar Ranch
Complete with TeePee's and Cabins.
As drove off into the sunset...

It was the perfect end to a perfect weeken.
We completely forgot about all the minor inconviences we had experienced and found many BLESSINGS instead.


  1. Great pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wonderful pics!!
    Hoping today is a day full of blessings for you. Problems are big, but are God is bigger!!



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