Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hump Day!

So much to do, so little time...

I have been playing catch up and get the feeling at times, I am not going to catch up to this one. Between the major construction, that is now completed and then my health, things are a bit out of the norm. But, I am determined to pull some of it together. I will cherish each and every moment as we put together the Christmas God intends for us. tree still looks like this...

at least it has lights! The 'Grands' will be here again today and they will help me add the trimmings.

And I got the Angel Tree up...

...Along with the Hummel Tree.

Last Friday, I made it to the 'Grands' school Christmas Party.

The 'Grands' came over Saturday to help Grandpa with the LARGE, 20ft, tree outside.

The Santa's got unpacked....

...And found their home on the hutch this year! With the remodel I lost a couple of corner cabinets, that are to be replaced, but till then we are using my MIL's hutch. Worked for me!

The black and white Santa photo, is of my hubby and his brother's, 1959 in Indiana.

I love this picture of my boy's, 1984, age 3, looking for Santa. I had done the shoe prints coming out of the fireplace, it was so cute!

My daughter, 1981 with Santa, who was actually my hubby. The other is her in 1980.

Back to the future...the 'Grands' spent the day with me yesterday and began putting together the Gingerbread house I won from Angel at Emily Makes 3.

This is all we got done before it was time for me to go to my therapy, but they are coming back today to finish it, along with sugar cookies and decorating the tree. Did I already say that? Can you tell I am excited to get it done!

We also got the Christmas Village up and lit...

One tree wouldn't lite but hubby is working on it or we will just let it be, and some of my house's wouldn't fit. Don't sweat the small stuff, right!

With all that said or shown, the next 2 days are jam packed with what needs to be done, should be done, but what isn't done will be just fine, too.

It will be a most GLORIOUS Christmas.


  1. I LOVE the Santa's!
    The photo of the boys actually brought tears to my eyes. I love this age... my 4y/o is so full of questions and inquries on Santa and the Reindeer! Your photo is precious!

  2. Thanks, those years were/are so precious. Just imagine if we had digital camera's back then, LOL! I need to find time to scan them, not to mention I need my scanner fixed or replaced.



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