Sunday, December 20, 2009


Keely's doing her Sunday Funday-Getting to Know You. Hop, Mklinky, over, join in and answer this weeks questions.

Today's questions..

1. Middle name?


2. What do you think is your best asset (physical)?

I would say my legs

3. If you could only eat one type of cuisine for a year, what would it be (Mexican, American,Chinese..etc.)?

Living 2 miles from Mexico, definately Mexican

4. Walmart or Target?

Target, but shop Walmart/Sam's Club for staples.

5. Favorite State besides the one you live in?


6. What side of the bed do you sleep on, left or right?


7. King or Queen size bed?


8. Beer or wine?

Neither, might have A glass of wine or A bottle of beer a few times a year, but thats about all.

9. or room temp?

Prefer it on ice, but sometimes one must settle.

10. it or hate it?

Absolutely, definately, LOVE it!
Now it's your turn, and don't forget to link up to MannLand5.

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