Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas Giveaways!


I had not blogged during the holidays. Up till a few months ago, I barely searched or read other blogs. Then I got hooked up with MckMama and her charming family. What started as a prayer chain, lead to NoBloPoMo (thanks to my daughter) which lead to me blogging and reading so many other blogs.

I can't believe all the GIVEAWAY'S out there...Check out Jollu Mom...

 Jolly Mom

Has this

 And This

Both of which my grandson's would love and have a great time with!

She also has

That my grandaughter's would totally enjoy!

JollyMom has many craft, recipes, and activities

Here Comes Santa Claus

Check her out and Join!

She has a MckLinky with many, many, more giveaways by other bloggers.

Go Graham Go

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