Tuesday, December 1, 2009

12 Days of Giving...

T'is the Season!

Today I gave to my brother, a Birthday gift he will enjoy.

Two Tickets to Trek

My brother was not the only reciever of my giving heart.

A dear friend needed help with a problem she was having. Though I couldn't fix it, I was able to encourage and support her. I love lending a shoulder, even an ear, when in need.


  1. Love this! Thanks for sharing your story today! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your brother!

    Your header photos are fabulous!!!! They made me smile the minute I saw them.

    Thanks for visiting and Following my blog. It's greatly appreciated! Your blog is wonderful and I'll be back again soon as I just became a Follower of yours too!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better.




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