Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Day 25...Have you seen this?

With the help of my daughter, I am learning more and more.

Isn't it funny, for years we do the teaching, then somewhere along the way, they begin teaching us!

She's a great browser on the internet and found this site:


Check it many of her tips and idea's I have either done or did and forgot about, and she even had new ones I could surely use now.

Remember...I am such a planner, almost to the point of being OCD, LOL!

Unfortunately, as I travel through this illness, I can use all the help I can find, no matter where it comes from. I loved her 15 minute clean with a timer. Even though I am fortunate to have a housekeeper come every 2 weeks, I need help with the in between times. My family laughs at me when, the night before she is coming, I am getting ready for her. Yay, I clean up for the housekeeper to clean. Actually, to me, if I do all the things I can, the simple, easy stuff, it allows her the time to do the down and dirty stuff I am unable to do. If she had to do it all, it would cost a fortune and take her all day and probably once a week as well. So I can swift a swifter, I can fill a trash bag, I can fold laundry (most of it that is, hubby has to help with some), I can load and unload the dishwasher and I can sparkle my sink before bed, to name a few.

This all gave me a thought, an idea, a BLOG!

Beginning December 1, I will journal, to the best of my ability, my days before Christmas. Be won't be like the one when we took the whole family, and my brothers family to Hawaii. What it will be..will be..


You see, I already feel like I am behind the ball though, any other year, I would be the one who had all of Christmas shopping done by Thanksgiving. NOT THIS YEAR! First is my inability to shop like I use to drop. Second, we've been finishing a remodel and are down to the very last walls of it, thirdly, my daughter got married in September, and last but not least, my hubby promised me an award of a new refrigerator if I can reduce my Christmas budget. That really made me feel the KRANKS!
Only it's not a cruise, LOL and we ARE NOT skipping Christmas! Just remodeling it.

Yeppie do, that's a (was) me!  Not only would I go all out for our family and friends...even my hubby would get in on the festivities. .

I believe that we need to GIVE to continue receiving so I would support a family through the Angel Tree program.

We would also buy 10-20 turkeys for the Crossroads Mission.

So I agreed only if I didn't have to stop supporting those in need.

With that said, I did not pick up things here and there throughout the year. I have not even made my list of what I want to get each who would be on it, like years past. I am being directed by God, and my hubby, to make this Christmas,

This year I will...

Rejoice that our Savior was born, celebrate in worship, spend time with our family and friends, and not worry about the size or amount of gifts under the tree. With the help of Flylady, my house will be welcoming and full of love, not CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)...

...And you all can keep up with this Christmas Journey through my blogging.

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  1. This is so funny, I blogged about Flylady today too! My opinion went quite the opposite way however, lol. Good for you for the giving things you are doing!



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