Saturday, November 21, 2009

Day 21...Construction Continues


Our construction continues, and with Thanksgiving next week, I will have to perform amist tools, dust, draping, and no completed dining room. No matter how well planned things are, SOMETHING always delays SOMETHING!

What can this grandma do but roll with it, right! After all it is the last room to be done and can be assured that NEXT year we will definately have a dining room to be be THANKFUL for. I have been promised it will be done before Christmas. In fact, if he can get the wall textured this weekend, painted over the Thanksgiving weekend, then carpet can be laid the following week and I can begin decorating my finished home for the holidays.

I can't believe it will be finished...we have been working on it for so long. Like another blog I have found, we too have done it all on CASH basis, in between work, travels, work, parties, work, medical test, and 3 weddings.

Allow me to recap this unpredictable, sometime frustrating, JOURNEY!

We started with the master bathroom in 2002 when we found out I would someday be in a wheelchair. That project took us 4 years to finally complete. (actually, if you add up all the time it comes out to like under 2 years) Sounds like a long time but we got very detailed in the tile work and are are so happy and proud of the finished product. It doesn't even look like a handicap bath.

This is the breezeway we created between the bathroom and my new closet, which was once one of our boys room. It doubles as a guest room as well.

HE,HE! We love our guest so much we put them in the closet!

After this one was done, came the master bedroom which was simple simon!

We added the french doors which are now painted black and frosted.

The second bath
went from this

After that, things kept moving along rather nicely. What was once the Formal Living area we made into the dining room. Then as we moved into the family area, the old dining room and kitchen, it became the family area. The old family area became my kitchen, which was finished this summer.

It functioned perfectly for our daughters wedding, which was the deadline for it to be done.

Now the old kitchen and old dining area will be the new dining area and we will leave the family area in what was to be the dining room. Once the kitchen was completed, and having that open space right next to it, it only seem logical to make it the dining area. Besides, when we have family or guest over, they all seem to congregate in the kitchen. My plan is to have a casual seating area off to one side, hopefully an old church pew on one wall and a dining table to sit 12. You will have to wait and watch how all my new space grows from here.

Glad you joined in on our little, LONG, adventure.

Like I always say...Life with my hubby is an adventure and I always enjoy the journey.


  1. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting my blog, and following me! I came to follow you back, but can't seem to find the follow button over here. I'll be sure to add you to my reader though!

    The remodeled rooms look great!

  2. thanks for the tour and the inspiration...our house is 40 years old and we may finally be in the position to do some upgrades too. Good Work.



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