Saturday, August 5, 2017

The Simple Woman's Daybook {August Edition}

For Today
August 1, 2017

Looking out my window... watching another monsoon blow through. 

The winds that arrived before it were swaying the branches creating a moving shadow on the window that the kitty keeps reaching for. 

To cute!

I am thinking... we need to go back to the beach! `

I am thankful... for the time we got to spend with the family. Time just flew by. 

One of my favorite things... right now is watching this kitty just being a kitty! Ever so often I tell her how lucky she is to be alive. She still has some respiratory issues and has a vet appointment next week as well. Next week will not be one of my favorite things!

I am creating... some bees for my garden! It began when the family was in town. In an effort to quiet down the littles I suggested they go outside and hunt for rocks they would like to paint. And so it began...

Before I knew they had a dozen different painted rocks from ladybugs to a Batman sign. The ladybug, a butterfly, a heart, and a cactus headed back to Florida. The rest will find homes in the garden. For now, they are still displayed on the dining table. I've even made a few more bees. 

I am wearing... my favorite Lula Roe's. Have you tried them? For someone who spends most her days in lounge wear, they are perfectly comfy.

I am listening... to the pounding of rain on the roof. The thunder is crackling so loud it vibrates the windows. With every storm, there is a rainbow. I haven't seen one yet but I know we will.

 I am hoping... the test and appointments next week produce some answers.
Prayers. Prayers. Prayers.

I am learning... how to mix doTERRA Essential Oils.

In my kitchen... the "grand" and I hatched a dinosaur!

In my garden... the weeds are taller than the planting boxes. After the extreme heat had baked everything, my vegetable garden season was over. Then the weed eater broke. Then the John Deer died! It will take a couple of weekends to get everything back under control in preparation for the fall garden. 

YEAH, bring on the cooler weather!

Post Script... If you are interested in the doTERRA Essential Oils, my daughter-in-law can help you out. Just click this link and send her a message.

Shared quote...

A moment from my day...

For about a half hour the rain was coming down so hard, even the frogs came out from their homes. Every year, usually before the first monsoon, things are secured, and all the drains are cleared of any debris. Oops! With all the excitement of having the family in town, we brushed it aside. Didn't take long to deal with it, just got a little wet.

Closing notes... started this post on Tuesday, but unfortunately I didn't get it finished. I worked on it some more Wednesday before my 'Grand'ma Day started. Come Thursday I found myself wiped out and barely got my housework done. Friday was a slow day with no energy or brain power for that matter. It took almost all day to get my Five Minute Friday done and done on Friday to boot! I was determined to get that much accomplished. I was successful with that and felt I should be able to complete my daybook the next morning. 

It was such a beautiful morning we decided to tackle some of the yard work. With each break, I wrote a part or finished and added a photo here and there. Finally, after dinner, I was able to put my closing notes together.

Far from a Simple Woman right now but will continue to find the time to enjoy the simple things along Our Journey Through LIFE!

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create your own, HERE is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.

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  1. Hope the rain has subsided and that you are able to enjoy being outside again. It's always fun to see the wildlife that emerges when it rains - especially the frogs and toads. Blending essential oils is so rewarding - especially when the final blend is exactly what your mind and body needs. Hope you have a great week!


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