Friday, March 17, 2017

Our Adventure to Red Rock Canyon

Google map was right, it took us under 45 minutes to drive there. Once again highway construction is on our route but driving it early in the AM helped. Once all their highway construction gets done, getting around Vegas looks like it will be a breeze. Well maybe not all the time, but better then 4 lanes being restricted to 2 and sometimes 1 lane.

Once on the 159, it becomes a 2 lane road and all that traffic is non existent. 

The entrance gives a glimpse of what is ahead

 The view from the Visitor's Center
Unfortunately there was road construction within the park as well. Just our luck! Really, because of it there wasn't as many cars along the drive. It did block the entrance to some of the pull offs, but only a couple. There was other places you could stop to capture the views.
 These pictures were taken around the Calico I
and the Calico II area. The turn out, or pull offs had boards but we couldn't get to them.
I know this was the Sandstone Quarry area as we pulled into the parking area so I could get some pictures. Hubby wasn't feeling up to the walk so he parked while I checked it out. The board in front of this view described it as The Keystone Thrust, with Calico Hill on the right, Turtlehead Peak rising above it to the left, and the beginning of La Madera Mountain can be seen in the far left of my photo.
The trails around here look easy and something I believe I could have possibly done. I wished his hip wasn't bothering him so much.
I didn't notice it when I captured it but that looks like graffiti to me. That just bothers me that some can come to such a beautiful place and the deface it. Why?
 This is how the board described the area

After the quarry we winded up and around to the High Point Overlook.
After the overlook and a few turns down the road is the Ice Box Canyon.

Then onto the last stops for us, Red Rock Wash Overlook.
And the Red Rock Overlook
Through out the drive there are views everywhere. 360 degrees of beauty. I am so glad we took the time to explore off the track and the strip.

Another awesome adventure for Our Journey Through LIFE!

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