Wednesday, March 1, 2017

On The Road Again!

With how the year has begun, this song just might become our theme song for the year. Or at least it seems like it should be!

I should have led with this post, but was so excited over my walk I wanted to share it first.

After all, a drive through the desert is, well, a drive through the desert! There isn't much else out there, just lots and lots of desert!

Yesterday though, it was like, WOW!

As we left town the sun was just rising. A few clouds in the distance was all that was left of Mondays rain. It had rained for a number of hours, never allowing the sun to shine through.

As the sun warmed the wet ground it allowed the moisture to rise and actually create clouds. In one area, it moved along the base of the mountain and began to rise, getting bigger as it floated up. Our first thought was that it was a steam stack creating the plume. Then we realized it was being fed by the low laying clouds. It's just our water system at work!

This happened when we were in the Grand Canyon as we were watching the sunrise. It had snowed the day before at the rim, but below, at the floor, it rained. As the temperature rose with the sun, it created the condensation,  making clouds form right below us as they came up the wall right past us and up into the sky.

The same thing was happening here. Only going 75 MPH I couldn't get a good picture of it out hubbies window.

It was incredible to watch the desert come to life after a rain storm!

Gila Bend is always our rest stop when we head to Phoenix. Rather it's a trip to the east side or the west side of Phoenix, or heading to Tucson, Gila Bend tends to many travelers needs.
On the highway between Gila Bend and Buckeye a lot more color was showing up. From little blue flowers, to tall purple ones, to more yellow, orange, and even some white flowers were beginning to cover the desert floor. There was so much of it, and know it is only the beginning! If only my camera could capture it like what my eyes were seeing. Can't wait for the time to soak up the color when we aren't on the clock, making me get kind of excited for what color I might be seeing when we go to Las Vegas! There will be plenty of time to stop and snap a photo. Or smell the flowers.
I was so focused on what was right around us that I didn't notice what was ahead of us!
It looked like it could be pretty intense!

Yep, it sure was! As we pulled onto the 10, the drops began!
By the time we past Buckeye and just before Goodyear, not even the wipers could keep up with the water falling from the sky!

Just before Avondale and our turn off, it stopped! It was more like we were ahead of it and it just hadn't started yet. Which meant it was still to come.

The business we were at to pick up the parts was a couple blocks from the highway. As hubby was pulling in I looked across to the highway and it was like the rain clouds were following it. No rain was falling where we were at, but we know it is still raining cats and dogs on that highway. 

By the time we got back up to the 10 to head back towards Gila Bend the heavy rain had subsided in our direction but it looked like they will be getting even more.
As we headed from Gila Bend to Ajo, it looked like we would have more rain to deal with in Ajo, and we did. Nothing like what was falling in the Phoenix area though. By the time we got there, it had past and only a few minutes of some light rain was all I had to deal with.

Not even a rain storm can wash out one of our adventures, it just added to it.

One more week and we'll see just what adventures happen in Vegas! 
Oh that's right, "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas!"

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