Saturday, March 4, 2017

It's Our Wedding Anniversary!

39 years ago today we said "I do!"

We've had 42 years of adventures together!

Our first dates always seemed to included drag racing. His dad, his brother and him had a drag car and the races always involved the weekends. His parents had a motorhome that mom would fully stocked to feed us all, even the other drivers and their crews.

This basically set the stage for our life together.

We have been celebrating our anniversary at either a NHRA race, a NASCAR race (next week), or a Swap Meet, since way back when. Since moving here it has been the Midnight at the Oasis.

23 years ago we had no idea this is where we would be when we celebrated our 15th Anniversary in Grand Cayman. Actually by the time we got to go, it was our 16th. Our son had spent 26 weeks in the hospital the year of our 15th. That trip, though a year late, sent us on a journey to here. We had no idea there was this car show here. It was their 4th annual back in 1995. It was now our 17th anniversary. We've spent our anniversary there almost every year since. I think we might have missed a few along the way but we've been there more then not.
This year is their 25th year putting it on and I think it was even better then years past.
We took our youngest "Grand" with us and he had a blast! There were more activities available for the kiddo's.

And there were LOTS of cars. I took 157 photos (edited down to 29 of my favorites) which averaged less then one car of a row and some rows we didn't even go down.
There had to be close to, if not over 2000 cars!

  Are those not some pretty nice cars. Even the rat rods were cool!

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  1. Some of those old cars are really cool. And happy anniversary to you!



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