Sunday, July 3, 2016

8th Annual Scavenger Hunt

My daughter has participated in Clickin Moms scavenger hunt since she started it 8 years ago! Though she always was the one to sign up, I would try to click a few off myself, but never enough to #hashtag them or register myself so to be included.

Until this year!

Yep, I am going to give it a try myself. It's 30 days to find 99 things to capture from a list. I don't know how I am going to get some of these, like a sunflare, but doing my best is all that is needed. Sure some of the prizes are encouraging but there are way by far photographers. I do it for the fun and if by chance a prize is earned, WaaHoo! 

Check it out and join the fun!


1. Gather up your kids, your significant other, and/or your best friend, and let them know that summer just got a lot more fabulous. A wet, wild, sticky, sweet, joyful July awaits!
2. Register. You can find the registration form at the end of this post.
3. Download the list, print it out, stick it on the fridge, or fold it up and tuck it in your pocket!
4. Photograph an item on the list. Pictures may be taken with any kind of camera and processed (or not) as you see fit.
5. Post your photo to Instagram or Facebook with hashtags #ClickinMomsHunt16 and #ListItem (e.g., #waterballoon or #frisbee). Make sure you include both hashtags! Every photo you post of a list item counts as an entry, which means you’re eligible to win whether you post one image or one hundred. However, the more you post, the more entries you receive!

[] apple pie a la mode
[] backyard
[] baseball field
[] beach ball
[] berries
[] binoculars
[] bubblegum bubble
[] buddies
[] camper
[] campfire
[] candy apple
[] canoe
[] cartwheel
[] circus tent
[] clothespins
[] cloud watching
[] coconut
[] craft fair
[] croquet
[] daisy
[] diving board
[] earthworm
[] face paint
[] firetruck
[] fireworks
[] fishing pole
[] flamingo
[] flippers 
[] flower chain
[] food truck
[] fresh herbs
[] frisbee
[] gardener
[] giraffe
[] globe lights
[] golden hour
[] grilled
[] headband
[] high five
[] hiking trail
[] home grown
[] horse
[] hotdog vendor
[] ice cream shop
[] inner tube
[] kettle corn
[] kite flying
[] ladybug
[] lakeside
[] lawnchair
[] lemonade stand
[] lighthouse
[] log cabin
[] margarita
[] marshmallow
[] melon
[] melt
[] merry-go-round
[] mini-golf
[] monkey bars
[] national flag
[] outdoor dining
[] palm tree
[] party
[] peaches
[] petal
[] picnic basket
[] pier
[] pineapple
[] pinwheel
[] raindrop
[] red rover
[] roasted
[] rollercoaster
[] sailboat
[] sandals
[] skateboard
[] slip-n-slide
[] soaked
[] splash
[] stars
[] straw hat
[] summer breeze
[] sundae
[] sunflare
[] swim 
[] swing
[] tank top 
[] teal
[] toes
[] tractor
[] trampoline
[] tropical print
[] underwater
[] waffle cone
[] waterfall
[] water balloon
[] wheelbarrow

1 comment:

  1. Learned what a sunflare was. I take them without even trying, LOL!



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