Saturday, February 6, 2016

Hello February!

I've been waiting for you! I'm so excited for that one extra day you give us every 4 years. Whatever will I do with it?  

I think I am a bit more excited that our insurance took effect on the 1st, wahoo!

Its also the perfect month to check-up on the HEART! 

Actually we made it a point to begin with the heart once we acquired insurance. It just so happened to be this month, or just maybe it was pure grace. I am opt to believe the latter. From here on out, February will be my bi-annual Heart Check-up Month. As for the gift of grace, I'll embrace it. Let it comfort me, while I continue with my baby steps.

Over the last several months, with grief aside, my heart just hadn't been feeling all that great and we've been monitoring some pretty high blood pressure. Add in the results of the carotid artery stuff, how we will be moving forward called for a good sound pumper of life. Before my first appointment last fall, I was really scared I was going to be admitted immediately. Instead he assured us the blockage is considered mild, control the blood pressure with the medications, and any side effects from the medications are better then a stoke. With medication prescribed we walked out that day with confidence and a direction.  

Imagine my JOY, when at my very 1st appointment yesterday as an insured patient, the doctor tells me my heart is just fine. Continue taking the medications and he'll see me in a couple years.

SERIOUSLY! Can I get a great big, PRAISE GOD!

If I wasn't so sick with a this darn cold it would have been a perfect time for a celebration. For the 1st appointment to go so well was awesome. I can only hope the one on the 11th goes just as well too. There will be a lot to go over, but each step will get us to the next, and then the next, and so forth.

Could it be...

Slowly I have been seeing His Fingerprints again. I have always loved seeing them before. I knew it would take time for me to see them again. They were there back before and after Aggie died. I embraced them on the road trip to Orcas. However, I ignored them after my heart was broken, and then I refused to ever look for them or see them ever again. It was like I was throwing a temper tantrum of sorts! Something needed to happen, it just needed time.

So what does he do, He reminds me of a time the "Grands'" and I made some pictures of our fingerprints....

He is awesome like that! All we have to do is open our eyes and take the time to see where they all are, cause they are almost everywhere in our lives. They're on the moments we will take with us to eternity and leave behind at the same time. 

We take in His awesome scenery each time we travel the same road to the Gilbert/Mesa area, which seems like about every month lately. We always take a back road called Dead Cow Road. Actually it is called the 238 between Gila Bend and Maricopa. It takes you right through the Sonoran Desert National Monument. There are so many saguaro cactus I bet I get a different picture each time. I've gotten pictures of them blooming, in so many sunsets, even in a mist of fog after a rain (I looked for some time for that photo, it must be on storage). Speaking of rain, we have had to drive through flowing washes, praise God for having an SUV, we saw other cars having to turn around. W have seen many, many lightening storms, I think the coolest thing we saw was the Ringling Brothers Circus Train. I so wanted to stop, but there is never time on the way over. We actually see lots of trains and along one section they are right off to the right and you can see the engineer driving! It's a beautiful area where Gods fingerprints are everywhere and only a few of mans. It has become one of my favorite drives, other then the drive to the Cibola National Wildlife Refuge that is.

Last weekend we had the opportunity to take a couple of the "Grand's" to a Civil War Reenactment at the Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park. Unfortunately it was the beginning of a cold someone shared with me and I didn't really walk around a whole bunch. The "Grand's" had a great time and enjoyed the battle. The asked many questions and wanted to know how so many things worked. It didn't take them long to keep an eye out on the guys and cannons as to when they were done reloading and ready to fire. Helped them prepare for the BANG!

Time will and does heal, and along the way we'll continue finding other ways of bringing more of these moments to life so that they too will be a part of Our Journey Through LIFE!

PS: I had saved a bunch of toilet paper rolls before Christmas for a kid craft that never happened. Lately there are post landing on my FB page of Valentines...I think I know what we can do with them. I see maybe a kids craft day just might be happening this coming Grandma Wednesday.

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