Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Working on those 'i's' & 't's'

Remember my New Years resolution...
The morning started with me looking for some clip-art to begin this post with. I totally believe whatever will be this year, will be. When I found this one, it was like the perfect one to use.

Talk about a flood of memories one picture of a dandelion can create!

Last years road trip to Orcas Island covered 4200 plus miles and I captured over 2400 photos of the journey. There were times we had to stop along the Scenic Byway 12 so hubby could deal with some business on the phone. That's when I would get out of the car to stretch my legs and capture more of the beautiful scenery around me. While stopped at the top of the summit, I couldn't get over how BIG these dandelions were! They were the size of a baseball. No kidding! I just had to see about making a wish with one! Oh boy, it could be a real BIG wish! As it turned out it became more of a prayer. I remember I said something to God about how He created the dandelion and to take these seeds of wishes and dreams and plant them then along my path. Then I needed a BIG breath to help all those tender seeds to go flying up. It was by no means a coincidence! 

I remember feeling a breeze swoop over me just as I was about to exhale all the breath I could muster, offering me the help I needed to not leave a single seed behind. I was just in awe of the feeling and my surroundings, not just at the moment but the whole trip. It was a once in a life time view of our beautiful country. I embraced so many moments of that journey. Grief can bring many things, but on that summit, at that very moment, a calm had come over me. 

Fast forward to today. I was preparing to write this post about the 'i's' dotted and 't's' crossed so far this year, only to be reminded of why God gave me that moment. Though I can't divulge exactly what my entire wish/prayer consisted of, I can say part of my prayers have been answered in the way of...


2016 was to be the year and here it is. I must add that I am also very thankful for my daughter who did ALL the 'i' dotting and 't' crossing for me. I love her and her brothers so much. A while back, my son had posted on Facebook;

"For the first 18 years of your life, your parents provide medical insurance for you. And most do. As their child, you should be allowed to put them on your insurance for the last 18 years of theirs. Just saying. I wish I could take care of my parents like they took care of me."

As I continue to age and they continue to grow into these awesome adults, I tear up often over the littlest moments like that. 

I never thought I would have seen as much as I have and with insurance I might have just been given even more time. Time to take care of things only insurance would allow. Being a cash patient had it's benefits when things were progressing slowly, but once it got to the point it is now, treatment is needed for more quality time.  It will be a different time, but time all the same. Medications will create change, but welcomed and hopefully will remain manageable. Surgeries will be difficult, not to mention scary, and will also create change. Even the recovery will create change. Over the last couple years, I have been praying and preparing for the changes insurance could inevitably bring. I welcome the changes and will continue to watch for everything Gods plan has to show me. With Him, all things ARE possible! 

Our Journey Through LIFE continues 

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