Friday, July 17, 2015

When You Come To A Fork In The Road...or Is It A "Y"?


While to some, a "Y" is just a "Y", to us since it is also the first letter of our last name, it's the
We have been so fortunate to explore so many places.
From early on in our relationship, "Y's"  just kept showing up...

From driftwood from the pacific coast, coral from the Caymans,
or a piece of sandstone from the Grand Canyon, "Y's" have become a thing around here.
Even a skeleton of a tree in the desert 
along our path during a day trip of exploring, resembles a "Y".
Is it a coincidence that the WISHBONE of a Thanksgiving turkey resembles a "Y",
How often have these hands or the hands of my children grabbed each end, and in a snap, one wish would come true. A wish only they and God knew.
Theirs could have been for something they had been wanting, to a place they dreamed of going.
I'm sure mine was always for the health and happiness of my family.
As our family began developing into who we all are today I had a wish. 
A wish to create an entry wall that represented us as a family.
After all the remodeling had come to an end, creating new and creative wall d├ęcor for all the new spaces was a challenge. Unpacking all the things that had been packed away for what seemed like ages that held so many memories, needed to find their new home also.
Finding those PERFECT LETTERS, to create a wall collage of WISHES, became a goal. Finally this year, my daughter gifted me a "Y" for Mother's Day that completed the 6 year mission.
Adding the final "Y" to the wall...upper right corner, worked PERFECTly.
5 different "Y's" representing a family that has grown through so much into who they are today.
Wishes that we all continue to have a bit of country crafty in us.
Wishes that our artistic talents that God gave us continue to grow.
Wishes of relaxing and enjoying in all the nature God created.
The classic brass font is for the continued wishes of strength for our family,
The wishes for a happy blended family comes with a modern font.
 Call me old fashion, but an entry wall should be welcoming and capture the family within.
This pretty much covers that!
It can also represent that "Y" in the road...that for us has always been better then a FORK.
A FORK has 3 or 4 prongs that can represent to many different direction in which to go.

We see it as two options.

Right or left?
The right way or the wrong way?
 Fortunately for us, which ever direction we went;
We always seemed to end up right where we needed to be.
We always saw things we wouldn't have seen had we gone the other way.
We surely wouldn't have met the people we got to meet.
We wouldn't have had the conversations we enjoyed.
We surely wouldn't have driven through the City of FORKS!
Oh the WINE glass, or WHINE glass?
Is the WINE/WHINE GLASS half empty or half full?
Along our journey there might have been some exchange of feelings.
Ok, maybe a lot!
Some good, some not.
Exchanges of something or anything is kind a necessary. Try navigating an uncharted route without some kind of words having to be said.
I'm good at the silent prayers, he's good at letting time pass.
But we both, at that one split second, can both gasp in awe at what was around the next bend, the next sharp turn, or up over that high mountain we just climbed.
 God's gift was always of a beautiful view!
It filled my glass each and every time!
Someday we just might end up back on that part of this journey
and have the option to check out that other route.
I'm sure there are things along it's path that could also bring out the fight in us
and at the same time inspire us.

Why is this happening?
Why doesn't this road go through?
Why did it take us so long?
Why didn't we see that?
Why didn't we stop?
Our Journey Through LIFE continues to surprise us with questions all the time.
Some we know the answers too.
Some leave us bewildered and what do we do next.
Some we are prepared for.
Some we never saw them coming.
Through it all we always seem to manage to answer them all.
Each "Y" is making the golden years, simply "GRAND"!
Our Journey Through LIFE! isn't just about the destination!

The journey is worth it!


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