Friday, November 1, 2013

Fall Fun!


With the summer behind us, and a garden burned by our sweltering sun, Fall excites me because it’s what leads us to my most favorite time of year, Christmas.

Since I have been laid up for a few days, it gave me time to check out my blog…boy am I behind!

(OK, I am even further behind, again! Someday my life will regain some of its routines or the new routines will become the norm, and I will allow me to get back to writing again.)

I don’t remember why I was laid up. I could just delete the opening of this blog post and start over, but why when this is exactly how it’s been this whole last year.

It’s a blessing sometimes that my mind forgets things. So long as it’s not the important stuff, I just let it roll on by. Either it will come to me, or it won’t, but why let it effect the day. Tomorrow is always a new day!

With that rambling typed out, I wanted to share our fall fun before I begin on the most wonderful time of year.

Our fall always begins with the celebration for two little girls who turned 3 and 6 this year.

Our 6 year old grand started school this year. She was so excited to finally go where her older brother and sister go. Some didn’t think she was ready, even waiting a year, but her and I agreed she was. We had worked on our numbers and letters most of the summer, and encouraged her that she will now meet new friends, her own age, and it was going to so much fun!


A month later we celebrate a 3 year olds birthday!


Then it’s our 5th Annual Boo Bash!

Booo! At the last minute, some schedules got all mixed up, AGAIN, and some couldn’t make it. But that didn’t stop the 30+ kids that made this years bash a blast!


IMG_1489  IMG_1491  IMG_1493

Now Our Journey Through LIFE can share the most wonderful time of year!

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