Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I’m Back!


Well kind of…

The new laptop came awhile back and it came with Windows 8. I’m sure for most upgrading isn’t a problem and most likely understand all the new stuff available and how it functions. We have been acquiring more of these new devices and we do enjoy their convenience's. I tried using hubby’s iPad but I couldn’t become comfortable with typing on it. I did like that while I was waiting for this laptop to arrive I was at least able to stay connected, regardless of my limits. It’s not that I don’t want to learn these things, nor that I can’t, for I can and I am, it’s just not happening very quickly.

Be it a number of unpleasant distractions, the fact my mind seems to be having a lot of mental blocks, just not writers block, and to top it off, I’m still dealing with the darn health issues, all while pushing myself up and along everyday. It gets pretty exhausting. I am left with no energy some days to even try and put the many thoughts swimming around in my head into a sentence, it just becomes so blurred and bewildering.

So after a week of no computer, to a month with one that was a stranger, we’re doing pretty good and have slowly become friends. It took awhile for me to get Live Write up and running and will take even longer for me to get caught up with this journey, but I have learned patience is my best weapon. All in God’s time, right.

Before the computer thing we were in the process of creating a “Grand” Campout. Bet you thought I forgot or blew it off. No way! With all that was and is going on, it was the perfect medicine I needed to perk me up.

Just the other day, while as I was resting, having another one of those wonderful conversation with the hubby, we both agreed that this campout would more then likely be shared in 30 years with their children. “Once my grandma turned her yard into a camp grounds because she was unable to go do the real thing.”

                 IMG_8176        IMG_8179 

                 IMG_8185        IMG_8188


                 IMG_8202        IMG_8196

Our first night was awesome. A BBQ and a campfire with s’mores topped it off. Grandpa did his water trick. The kids made it till 5 AM sleeping in the tent, before they came in one by one from the cold. It was a good thing. Our neighbor had his weekends mixed up and irrigated which means I get run off, which meant by 9 AM the tent was wet.

After breakfast we went out turkey hunting but only got a glimpse as they were headed back to their yard.


Saturday was spent in the beach and in the pool.

                  IMG_8210       IMG_8212

                  IMG_8213        IMG_8233

The girls made a beautiful sign for our beach…

                 IMG_8207       IMG_8221       IMG_8231IMG_8232b

Even Bella has to join in on the fun…


Every year I seem to get mermaids washed up on the beach!


With a flooded tent, air mattresses were lined up in a spare room and after a fun long day of play they all crashed out the minute their heads hit the pillows. Bella and Tucker were happy they slpet inside and curled up and sprawled out on the beds with them.


The next morning, a feast of pancakes, eggs and ham filled their bellies and out they went for their last few hours of their time together. We filled part of that time planting their pumpkins. Since their pumpkins from last fall were still in good condition (well, 2 of them were beginning to get a little ripe) and my trial of a pinterest I saw where you cut off the top like for a jack-o-lantern but bigger and fill with dirt and water turned out…

                  908902_10200979973845807_1092325840_n        907475_10201014174220795_1055349153_n

And this is what it looks like today. Yesterday I found our first pumpkin!


I decided I wanted to make a “Grand Pumpkin Patch” with the 8 I had on my railing…


                 IMG_8255        IMG_8256

…and this is what they looked like last week…


I’m back…thinking we are going to have one “Grand Pumpkin Patch”!

I’m back…thinking “Our Journey Through LIFE” is growing, not just in the garden but in life and will enjoy each and every moment of it!

I’m back…thinking this new computer is going to be just fine catching up and sharing all those special moments!

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