Thursday, April 26, 2012

April Showers Hopes For May Flowers

Boy has it been showering!

First the memorial while during a custody battle. Then getting ill during it. I can honestly say I am finally feeling much better. After 2weeks, I can finally move without pain.

After Easter, I realized I had misplaced my sunglasses. Last time I had them was on the trip home. Since I was on pain killers for the drive, my memory was mush. For 2 days in fact. I hate taking them and that is why. I couldn’t even retrace my steps to help find my glasses. As the tumors continue to grow I think we might have more days like that but for now, lets not worry about what’s to come. Let’s just enjoy the now!

Then there was the unexpected déjà vu with the family. I am not sure where that is or how it is going. I continually pray for their recovery and strength as they work through this road in their journey.

On the custody battle, God has been doing a fine job of putting all the pieces in place. It hasn’t been easy for our son but see God’s hand at work and is finding  a new direction in his faith.

The will of God will never take you to where the grace of God will not protect you.


As I am writing this, it is actually raining outside! Yay! We only get 2 inches a year around these parts. So ya, it can be a big deal.

Perfect timing too. I have been putzing around the yard getting it ready for a number of up coming events. Since I am still waiting for my outside water system to be fixed, the rain will give me a few more days.

The system actually died last year while we were with our son fighting his cancer. No automatic watering system means death in the desert for plants. Once I lost them, there was no need to replace them until it is fixed. The time has arrived and I am patiently waiting. However, I laid done an ultimatum…if not fixed, I will figure out how to do it myself or HIRE someone who already knows how. Must be a man thing and pride, LOL! NAY! It’s more like why pay someone for something he can do? Because it takes for ever!

It does pay to B…. about the undone honey do list though. When ever I get to the point of calling in a professional, hubby seems to step it up.

Over the weekend, he did get the pool up and going.












It didn’t take long for these two to plunge right in.


Yesterday, momma turkey was out with her family. We got a close up of the new baby turkeys.








They kind a had an explorative day. Seems they can fit through small openings allowing them to  getting out. Momma’s had the whole ordeal under control. However, Tom Tom was not happy that his family was outside the fence.


He kept running up and down the fence, like telling them to get back in there. However the babies had other ideas and visiting the neighbors was part of it. Just like a couple moms to show off their babies.


Speaking of babies…our Buddy has learned there is more to this mobility thing. He’s found that his body CAN do so much. At first we were thinking he was going to walk before he crawls.








Out of nowhere, and in just a day, he found that he can scoot across the floor pretty fast too! With feet stomping steps  he makes his way around the tables and couch and now the army crawling, his world has a whole view now a days.

Our April Showers will definitely be bringing some May Flowers.

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