Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Ka-Ching...I Mean Ka-Change!

Oh my have things changed!

Some for the better, and some, well not so good, but that's not to say they won't get better too.

I am sorry I don't blog like I use to. It's just that other things have been more important. I hope to get back to sharing our journey on a more regular basis, but am happy that for now I am at least getting some of the milestones covered.

I could sum it up with some quotes like...

"That which does not kill us makes us stronger,"

It will be a year in April that our son began his journey and he is so much stronger. Also a year ago, I was reading, "Before You Throw in the Towel: 12 Things You Should Consider Before Filing for Divorce", and am happy to say our marriage is continually getting stronger. While growing through "Love and Respect", we have also been able to help our children in their own relationships.

How about, "rise like a phoenix from the ashes".

From our financial problems, yes, we too have been effected by this economy, to no medical insurance and having medical problems isn't enough, add in helping our children and grandchildren grow through their own journey, I am kind of happy to see some of it burn. At times it felt like a house of cards was about to crumble. One more thing could have caused it all to fall down. Fortunately, while we were building our house, and after it wouldn't stand by itself, we learned glueing the first layers created a strong foundation. When things happen, that would, could or even should, cause the whole thing to fall, we only lose part, basically the upper layers. Sure it hurts to see some things go, but nothing here on earth is forever. Since the top layer was more like an attic, tearing it down was easy. Besides, people our age downsize all the time, right. I will trust in God that the choices we made, we did for the better of the family. What will rise is still growing, and we're just waiting to see how, or what direction it goes. Slowly we are all beginning to rise from the ashes.

And one of my favorite, "Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies." by Mother Teresa.

Just this last year, keeping faith in the small things, definitely made the big things manageable. When you're faced with life changing situations, those small things matter the most. God took the brunt of our burdens. His direction allowed me to turn over the big things to those that knew more about them then I. I didn't need to learn their job to do mine. I freed myself so to see all that God wanted us to see...

A childs smile is the best medicine...

God's little creatures around us...

To God's country.

When ever I look back, I see all the good, wonderful, precious moments. Harsh words or actions are forgotten. It doesn't mean they didn't exist, we just choose to leave them in their place. Ya know, let bygones be bygones. 

Unfortunately while going through such times I did have to find the strength rise above comments such as, I sugarcoat life...get down off my soapbox...it's not about you...to, I am the problem! Seriously! People can be mean. It caused me to write, rewrite, delete, write, and rewrite again and again a post responding to them, defending myself to them. Then I realized, in their eyes, they may think they are right, but what about in God's eyes. Is that how he sees me? I did what I learned that day last April as I walked through the healing gardens path....I Paused, Reflected, Healed! Deleted forever! Who I was, how I acted, or dealt with things during some really rough times, only matters to one. He knows all, sees all, and takes all into account.

I do not claim to be a fine piece of china on a shelf, only to be admired and never used. I wish I would have never fallen off due to some unforeseen circumstance or even my own doing. I am happy that someone thought I was worth picking up the pieces. Each time this darn plate fell, there was that special someone who was right there picking up the pieces and helping me glue it back together. I still have some chips and crack that can't be repaired, however, I refuse to be thrown out because I have been glued back together a number of times and am not a collectors first choice. However, I am God's first choice.

There you have it...admitting Ka-Change is hard. It just how we get through "Our Journey"!

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  1. So glad to see you posting again. Sorry to hear things have been rough as well. Wishing you many, many blessings in 2012!!


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