Saturday, December 3, 2011

Catching Up!

I had promised myself to get back to blogging regularly, well life sometimes doesn't let us do what we want, but what we have to...

It's been crazy!

Crazy in a good way though.

Everyone is finally settling in after one world wind of a year. Put offed repairs are being tackled. Stored boxes sorted and restored. New sheds and shelves are filling up...I thought the idea was to thin it out? Seems I still can't part with all those momentoes with the hope that some day they will end up in a memory shadow box, or as quilts and pillows. I do see it happening sooner then before. All this moving around, thinning out, organizing, will eventually bring a designated sewing area. Before that can happen we must finish areas of the guest house and repair others. We need to add more beds! Creatively to boot. And did I mention, it has a very low budget right now, so we must make what we have work until after the new year. Nothing wrong with painting old furntiure until I can afford the new. Who knows, I might like the old stuff when it's done and won't need the new stuff. The biggest budget buster is the flooring. The painted concrete worked great in the beginning but after 10 years, it needs a new look. However, Christmas time is not the time to be spending money on that but at the same time, we need the space for visitors. It might not be a perfect space right now, but it will function for the time.

There you have my month in a nut shell. I didn't even touch on Thanksgiving that was absolutely wonderful! I am working on that post, plus I am working on a daily posting. I decided to do the Jesse Tree this year. More on that too. I promise!

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  1. Ok, I'm catching up with you. Haven't read your blog in awhile so I looked at some of your Nov. posts. Enjoyed looking at all your photos and the storm you went through. Thanking God for keeping you safe! Happy New Year!


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