Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Our Weekend

After 3 'Grand' days in a row, they still can't get enough of us. I guess being gone for 5 weeks they really wanted to make up for lost time.

Saturday they dropped by before 24/7, our church's Saturday night service. Of course they spend most their time playing with Bella, who is just as happy they are home. The minute she hears their car pull into the drive she is at the window watching to make sure it is them coming in. Then she rushes to the door jumping and twirling around in excitement.

Then the paying begins! Sorry some of these are blurry but it is hard to capture them when they are on the move. My daughter showed me new settings on the camera but they still came out fussy.

Bella loves to play tug of war. So the kids sit on the floor and she pulls them. The giggles are uncontrollable. It was time to leave and Bella collapsed for the night.

Sunday when we went to church we were told a number of time that the kids were looking for us. Unfortunately by the time we got there they were already in the study rooms. After church they called and wanted to come out again. First we watched the end of the NASCAR race before heading out to the pool.

Even Grandpa joined in the fun.

But Bella captured their attention as always.

Since we flood irrigate we have a pump that turns on when there is water in the ditch. Someone else was watering thus causing the pump to come on and Bella discovered it.

So we asked Bug to move the hose but Bella thought it was a game.

We finally had to unplug the pump before she would leave the hose alone.

She wasn't done playing though. Just minutes later she snagged one of the pool noodles and took off running with it. It became a game of chase and it created a lots of laughs watching the kids chase her down to get the noodle back.

Our day ended with a wonderful family dinner and conversation about the next day being the first day of school. These two are so excited to go back to school.

It is wonderful to have our routine back.

What did you do over the weekend?

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