Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Oh No!

My son sent me this article of a fire he was on today. Our son is the fireman laying back looking towards the camera next to the air tanks.

Firefighters extract Maricopa woman, pets after garage fire

Having a water treatment business, this has happened to my husband once in his 33 years in the business. Soldering pipes during installation is necessary and he take every precaution that this doesn't happen. When it happened to us, our employee hadn't even began to solder. He got as far as lighting his torch when all of a sudden a flash of fire went over his head and consumed the whole underside of the house. All that burnt was the material that covered the installation. Why it started...the home owner had stored gasoline inside the crawl space access. It was the fumes that ignitated creating the carpet of flame. Once the fumes burned off and since there was no more fuel, plus the quick thinking of my hubby and the employee, by the time the fire department got there, the fire was out. Praise God that there was no damage other then smoke in the house. Our insurance paid for the clean up but we didn't have to buy them a new house. I'll bet this company's insurance will be paying out a whole more!

Good job Maricopa Firemen!

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