Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Grand Vacation!

My regular 'Grand' Day Monday's have been on vacation for the summer but we got to have 3 wonderful 'Grand' Day's recently with these awesome 'Grands' at the Arizona Grand Resort.

We took a Staycation with them. A perfect 'Grand' location.

While grandpa did some unexpected work, we headed down to begin our fun! The wave pool was awesome and I enjoyed the lazy river. The kiddo's were full of smile and had so much fun!

After lunch, we headed back with Grandpa and our fun continued until...

It was cut short as we encountered some monsoon activity that only altered our plans and by no means hindered our fun!

We simply played some games, read, and colored.

Once the storm passed and while the little ones continued their naps, the rest of us headed down to the pool...

Oh! And on the way back up to our room for dinner, we got stuck in the elevator (alligator as Monkey Man called it).

The kids thought it was pretty exciting and having a fireman with us eased my nerves. Once we got down, we went to go to another and ended up back at the one we just got off. A technician was there as said it was working and was going to take us up to our floor.

Well, once the doors closed nothing happened and though we hadn't moved it said we were on the 6th floor. Finally the doors opened and we got off. We went around to another elevator and the same thing happened so we got back off and walked up the 5 flights of stairs to our room. By morning things were back to normal. Though no one would say exactly why it happened some believed it had to do with the monsoon that had just blew through.

Friday we did some shopping...

Afterwards we played in the waves and lazy river for the rest of the day. I left my camera behind so I could have fun with them. I had a blast! After all I have over 400 pictures of our Staycation. I would love to share more of them with you all but right now it's best they stay within the family circle.

We went out to a really nice Mexican restaurant for dinner but one fell asleep on the way. Once we got to our seats, he woke up, colored and we had a wonderful experience.

Saturday was our last day and we spent the morning packing up so we could spend more time at the park. There was no threat of storms and the kids had a wonderful time.

When it came time to leave and go our separate ways, lots of hugs and kisses were given out. I can't wait till the next time we get to spend time with this gang. It was so much fun!

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