Sunday, August 15, 2010

He Had a VERY Happy Day!

Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday dear Monkey Man, Happy Birthday to you!

The -3 hour drive seems like minutes when you arrive to these happy faces.

One of dads gift was this awesome water slide. They were playing on it when we arrived and they were playing on it before we left. I think they would have slept on it if allowed, LOL!

But drag them off we did to open more gifts from us and his dad. He loved his Kung Zhu-Zhu, his Buzz Lightyear, his James train, his game of Trouble, but his gift from his cousins, Bug and Buttons was a hit...

Even his bike took back stage to it...

Until dad brought out another gift for him...

a bubble machine!

Our 'Grands' LOVE bubbles, chalk and of course water!

So back outside for some more slide fun!
Each of the kids got many, and I mean many, swing slides from dad.

First the Birthday Boy!

Then Big sister, Giggles...

Little sister, Peanut...

And finally Little Man...

I think they would have done this for hours and hours, they were having so much fun!

Each one taking turns. It was so cute! They would lay at his feet waiting for their turn.

By the time we left they were collapsed on the couch and floor watching Toy Story
 and wouldn't doubt if they fell asleep during it.

They had a fun filled day that is for sure!

Now to get ready for a fun filled Labor Day weekend when we pull off 2 more Birthday parties, one for Peanut and one for The Boy, and a BaBy-Q Shower for our Policeson's first baby. Family is flying in from Florida and driving down from California. It will be such a blessed occasion.

After all, if this weekend was an example of what lies ahead, I can't wait.
And I plan to enjoy each and every minute of it.

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