Monday, July 5, 2010

You Capture - Hands, Green or Chair

Better late then never!

We've been either busy with or recoperating from a week of day trips spanning over 1000's of miles. I had known what the challenge was for the week but never did apply it to the pictures I've captured. I went back through my week of photo's in hope of cropping and editing one of them for this challenge. Each time the object in the photo I was trying to create for this challenge would come out grainy or blurry. Finally I found and edited some that worked.

With that said, here are my pictures for this weeks challenge.



Helping Hands

Now to get working on the current challenge....Let’s celebrate Independence Day!

Her directions are:

Think outside the typical shot of the American flag, although those shots are certainly okay.
What does America mean to you?
Capture it and share with us!


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