Saturday, June 5, 2010

Half Way Through!

Our first week in the Napa Valley had been a rather quite one. Every single day was spent in the garden...

Seems all we did was walk around exploring all while taking Bella for many walks. Or we just lounged around the trailer reading, watching TV (yes we take our DirecTV), or taking pictures of Bella playing with dandelion's. Unfortunately, because she bounces like Tigger, every single picture I took of her jumping up at them is blurry because of her movement.

We didn't just hang around the campsite, we also took a few drives around the valley...

The view from Oakville Grade...

The Carmelite Monastery

Growing up I remember going here for many events. My mom and Aunt worked the gift shop. My best friend got married here. I remember many walks down around the fountain and it's stepping pools.

The valley is so beautiful this time of year. The vines are green and of course I took way to many landscaping photo's.

This bridge crosses the Napa River at Oak Knoll and was a favorite swimming whole of our boys when they were growing up.

After a few days of sight seeing, many days relaxing, I put the final piece in the puzzle...

...which meant it was time to get ready for our BBQ gathering.

I then spent most of Saturday making these...

My version of cake balls that we called cake bites. They sure were a hit and the recipe was shared many times. In fact the graduate, which is why we are here on vacation, wants me to make some for her graduation party. No problem, I'm not doing anything..we're on vacation!

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