Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday

This weeks Take Me Back was inspired by Dianne @ Dianne's Dilemmas. Last week she shared about her grandfathers hands and how he prayed for everyone and everything.

It reminded me of my grandfather.

He wasn't a wealthy man but he held a wealth of love for his family. Here he is with my grandma and all their grandchildren 1962. I am the little blonde girl second row from the bottom holding my favorite cousins hand. Two fo my sisters have on the same dress. My mom loved dressing us a like. My other sister is on the far right with her hands folded in from of her. My oldest brother is on the far second from the left in the back next to the tree. My youngest brother is in my grandfathers arms.

He was a shepard. A rancher. A gardener. His hands were strong and worked hard for his family. He held his faith high and shared it with his family. He taught many lessons, though at the time some of us didn't know it until later. He set an example of the husband I would meet and some day marry. A devoted husband, father, grandfather. A shepard for God, a shepard for his family.

Here he is in 1964, 3 years before his journey to be with God. This would be the only time I would remember seeing him in a suit. He wore his overalls every day. Even after selling the ranch just a few years before died, he would put on those overalls and work around their new track home as if still on the ranch. I remember his garage, so tidy and neat. His hands working on the car or fixing a toaster or tool. In that garage, was the smells, the old tools, the leather that hung down over the cabinets, pieces of the ranch he loved so much.

Every morning he started his day with pray. This little bible fit perfect in his pocket. What a blessing to hold such a book in my hands. One that his finger touched and the words read from. I don't have many items from him which makes this so most precious. I love the prayer cards in side. There was also a note but it can't be read any longer, but I won't through it out.

I believe this book was his father, John H.F. Scholl. None of the family Bibles had his middle intials. I did find a John H.F. Scholl in the 1860 census and believe is my great great grandfather, the father of my great grandfather John, the father of my grandfather.

In doing an ancestor seach by the address provided above the door in this photo and using the 1900 census, they lived at 2115 Fifth, Peru Township, La Salle County, Illinios. Listed in the home, John age 43, Elizabeth age 36, John Jr age 14, Joseph (my grandfather) age 12, Nicholas age 9, Albertina age 6, George age 3 and Peter Steile father in law age 73.

Front row- Marcella, John, Elizabeth, Lena (Maggdelane).
Back row- John, George, Theana (Albertena) , Frank, Joseph, & Nick

This is as far as I  have gotten. Every now and then I try to pick up the search but haven't been able to make definite connections.

The last member of my mother's family, my Uncle Joe, is alive and turned 95 last year. I visit with him as least once a year and he has been a big help in identify old pictures. I love listening to his stories. Next time, I plan to record our visit, that is if he doesn't mind.

In 2005, I held the 1st Scholl Family reunion. Of course Uncle Joe received the oldest member gift. It was a great turn out and once again, the cousin were able to get another group photo.

We gathered at a park which had been our grandfathers property. When he sold the ranch, a housing track was built on it. The park is where the house and barns once were.

This old tree...with grandchildren and great grandchildren of my mom and her brother's son...

Can be seen in this old picture, close to 50 years earlier, with my grandmother, my mom and her brothers wives and their children.

I can't describe how connected to this park we all felt that day and we all promised to do it again in 5 years, which will be this fall. Since the grandparents bought their land  the beginning of September 1925, we gather Labor Day weekend in their honor. This year will mark the 85th anniversary.

Amazing how the hands of one man built and created a wonderful family.


  1. Oh what a lovely tribute to your Grandfather!! Looking at all the old black and white photos is just so great, he truly did build a wonderful family and wonderful memories for you!

  2. What an amazing legacy! I love the different tree pictures.

  3. What amazing history!! LOVED this post! Thank you for sharing.

  4. THAT WAS SO COOL!! I absolutely love the tree picture. Gosh I wish I could do something like that for my family. Thank you so much for sharing that!



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