Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Take Me Back Tuesday

This week I will take you back to when we traveled
to the Redwoods in Northen California.

My first trip was in 1963 with my family. Being 6 years old, the cute little blonde on the bottom left, I remember just a few details of this trip. At Confussion Hill, besides the Shoe House, there is the Gravity House and a train ride that takes you up the mountain.

 My hubby and I took our first vacation together through the Redwoods in 1977. We found the Old Drive Thru Tree I remember going though when I went as a child.

We drove along the Avenue of the Giants.

Then again, in 1979, we took another trip and found the shoe house.
This time the picture was of me and our daughter.

Our next up was in 1980 with my hubby's parents. We were heading to Orcas Island, Washington and stopped for lunch at Richardson Grove. Our daughter was just walking and didn't take her long to acquire balance in the motorhome.
It was a very special trip with many memories.

We were to take one more trip through the Redwoods before we moved away in 1994. It was 1991 and we were headed to Eureka for my nieces graduation from High School. Our first stop was Richardson Grove. Our twin boys loved the adventure going through the Junior Ranger Program. Our daughter though, was not as adventureous and would hang out at the campsite, reading and listening to her walkman. So much so, that she drained the battery in the truck and had to have a ranger jump start it for us. One night, while sitting around the campfire, telling the usuall ghost stories a campfire invites, right when I was getting to the part that upon itself makes kids jump out of their skins with just the normal actions, my hubby had taken a drink of brandy and at the perfect moment, spit it into the fire. Immedately the flames jump 5 feet high and the kids just as high off their seats.

The next day, we headed out toward our destination and stopped at Confussion Hill. I believe I got another picture of the my kids in the Shoe House. We spent the day playing around the hill, riding the train and exporing.

It is stories like this that I wish I had all our photos of our journeys more organized and on the computer.

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  1. I grew up in N. California, had an aunt that lived in Crescent City, so we spent lots of time in the Redwoods too! Great memories and I know I have some pictures of the same places you posted. I will have to look through my albums and find them.

  2. What a fabulous tradition. Looks and sounds like an amazing place to visit.

  3. Growing up in England, all these places were a faraway dream. Now we are in Canada and it's still a faraway dream. It's good to be able to see this in pictures!


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