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Take Me Back Tuesday-With A Link

I recently joined a linky, hop or carnival, that encourages us to post our days gone by Kari at A Giveaway Addicted Mom.

Then Mama M at My Little Life, in honor of her birth story, started a linky, wanting to hear our birth stories.

My Little Life

So, today I am going to combine then for they each have a link to each other.

Going back to 1978, me and my friend were pregnant at the same time, both due within days of each other. My due date was December 20th and hers was December 15th. We did everything together from the shopping for the nurseries to the each others doctor's appointments. Yep, we even had the same OB. When she went into labor early, of course I thought I would too! I even got excited that our little one will get to come home from the hospital in a stocking made just for newborns. How cute is that! As I spent time with her and her little guy, I couldn't wait till I got to hold mine. 

December 20th came but our little one did not. The beautiful little Christmas outfit, perfect for a boy or girl, waiting for the arrival, would go unused as Christmas came and no baby. What I did get was the flu! I remember thinking, I can't go into labor feeling like this. Tummy flu's and me do not get along. They always require doctor intervention and this time was no different. He did calm me by stating, my body would not go into labor until it I felt better. True or not, it eased my worries.

By now it is December 29th and I am feeling 100%. A few contraction sent us to the doctors office but they never increased and was told to wait till they got closer together and longer. As the days went on, so did those contraction but they were never consistant, yet some would be so strong, they stopped me in my steps. To distract from them, I did what all nesting moms do. I cleaned and buffed my hardwood floors. Yep, on my hands and knees, I am rubbing on the paste wax, then used the old fashion buffer to shine those babies up. The nursery couldn't get any more organized but I loved spending time in there, folding, hugging, and smelling the freshly washed baby item, just waiting for it's arrival. I had hourly monitors who either called or dropped by to check on me.

On January 2nd, hubby did what he always did. Pampered me before he left for work, gave me the same instructions he had been giving me these last few days, and gave my belly love as he went off. I went about my morning routine, dust mopping the floors, dishes, laundry in between some of those stupid contractions that were definately becoming annoying. His brother did his mid morning drop by. We talked for about an hour. He asked if there was anything he could do, of course there wasn't, and left. About an hour later, those annoying contraction we getting really close together, between 3-5 minutes. This just might be it so I called hubby who raced, and I mean raced home. He was the typical anxious dad you see in the movies. Wanting to get me to the car like an old lady. Remind him to go back and get my bag, that I was fine. The drive, oh my, was so funny. We came to a stop light and instead of stopping, he turned into the parking lot to catch the green on the other side, only when he got there the light turned red. His choice of words won't be repeated. I tried to calm him that I was fine. Sure the contractions were strong and now about 3 minute or less apart, and I imagine my face showed it but I was still under control. We or shall I say I was doing the breathing as taught in our Lamaze classes. The light changes and we can go the one block to the hospital.

Upon arriving at 1:26 pm, the staff was remarkable. They got me settled in a room, checked me and I was already at 6. They then informed us that the new baby of the New Year had not been born and that I was the only one in labor. Wahoo! We just might be the one's to received this reward. About an hour later, there was no change and my water still had not broken. The pain was getting really hard and very consistant and I began to lose concentration. All my hubbies attempt at comforting me were no longer working. Add that to these pains that were now VERY strong, VERY close, like 1-2 minutes, were not creating any differance, didn't help either. Finally at 5 pm, I decided I wanted, no demanded an epiderl! By 5:10, they were granting my wish. I knew what time it was because I watched that clock that was right there on the wall, for the last almost 4 hours. Once that epiderl was started he broke my water. I was so relieved yet could still feel the pressure of those contraction now becoming every minute or less. I'm not sure how often as by now I kept telling them I felt like I had to poop. I was becoming anxious for I didn't want to poop in my bed and they wouldn't let me up to use the bathroom. I am not sure if they knew, but now I know they must have, but then, being my first baby, I wasn't sure what was really happening. By now all the classes were a faded memory. I remember thinking these nurses are useless. It wasn't but a few minuted later the doctor came in to recheck what the nurses had check and I remember him being amazed as yep, she's ready. He even had his sandwish with him, probably thinking there is no way she is ready. Seriously! It's only been a half hour since the epiderl. I remember feeling like had you told me then it was only going to be this long I wouldn't have done it. Off to the delivery room we went, or better wisked. I don't remember how many pushes, maybe a few but that epiderl caused me not to really feel them. I now know that they didn't anticipate such a quick descension and with most women, by the time they are ready to deliver, the epiderl would have decreased enough that they could help in the final stage. I was of no help. The doctor had to use forceps to help bring her out. And at 5:46 pm, weighing 7lbs 7oz (on my, I just looked at her baby book and for years I remembered her being 7-11, like the corner store, I was wrong), 19 inches. My nurses were Sandy, Gail and Mary. Yep, I wrote so much information in her book. In fact, I still do and now have grandchildren books as well.

Are you wondering about her being the first baby of the New Year? Once all the excitement was over, we asked if we in fact had the first baby of the New Year. We were told NO!, What? I am the only here? It seems a lady came into the ER about an hour before and gave birth down there. No Way! Well it didn't matter for we did have the 1st girl of the New Year and our gift was her.

So there is my story for you. And like Mama M's mom, I got watch my daughter give birth to her son the same day, 23 years later.

Now you can head over to My Little Life and read other birth stories or go to A Giveaway Addicted Mom and read other Take Me Back Tuesday's.


  1. Oh, that is so sweet that you got to see your daughter give birth on her birthday too!

  2. The epidural did the same thing to me. It wasnt long after that I was ready to deliver.

    I cant believe they let you go that long after your due date! Holy cow that would have been a looong time :)

  3. First, that was a great story and having just watched a live c-section (all my kids were c-sections babies) I had just mentally relived my birth stories (though baby #1's birth is a very faded memory, wish I could remember more).

    They say that the epidural gives you a chance to relax and that could be why you gave birth so quickly after receiving it. You let the baby move on down since you weren't so clenched up (so to speak).

    I wish I could have more (hysterectomy) but cherish the births of all my sons (no girls, sigh). I hope to experience my grandchildren's births like you. What a joy.

    I LOVE the story about not being the first baby of the new year. Doesn't it figure that you'd miss it by a mere hour after all that time in labor? Not to mention being almost 2 weeks past your due date?!

    Thanks for joining in this week. I really enjoyed your post!!

  4. What a beautiful story! I had the same response to epidurals, no more pain and then very quickly a baby! Glad you did Tuesday today!!

  5. That was a great story!! And...I love that photo! That sweet baby girl gazing up at her papa! Too precious!

    Crazy...about our "connection" with shared birthdays! ;) How does your daughter feel about having her "birthday stolen"?! Gotta say...she was the best present I've ever received!



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