Monday, February 8, 2010

Missin' Me Some 'Grands'

It had been 265 days since we had last talked to them!
It was great to hear their giggles and excitement 23 days ago!
But it's been 288 days since we have seen them!
This was the last time all the 'Grands' have gotten to play together!

We will continue to LOVE them unconditionally and
keep in prayer that we will see them again really soon.

When that day comes,
we will be celebrating,
and enjoying every bit of being a family again.


  1. Awww, I'm so sorry it's been that long since all your grandchildren have been together. My in-laws have actually NEVER had all of theirs in one place-- we haven't seen them in over a year (too expensive to travel these days), and have never met our newest nephew... who is now a year old.

    I'll be praying that you get to see them all real soon!

    Confessions From A Working Mom

  2. I realize that there are some grandparent that don't have the ability to see their grandchildren as often as we did and have always felt blessed that we did. But for them to be taken away, been told I will never see them again, riped my heart out. Divorce hurts everyone. We're a family torn but will be mended.

  3. Elizabeth, my heart just aches for you and for your grandbabies! Please email me if you ever want to 'talk.' My grandma was everything to me, but there were times before I was taken from my mother that my mom kept me from my grandma (her own mom)...just know that those babies love you regardless and they know their grandma loves them. ((HUGS)) Praying!

  4. They are all so adorable. Im so sorry as well, I had no idea.



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