Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do You Have An Addiction?

Dianne at Dianne's Dilemma's has an addiction. It's not to drugs or alcohol, but to table lines, mainly napkins.

I have had my fare share of addictions. I was a 70's partier, but wouldn't say I had an addiction to any one thing accept for having fun. Yes, in my 20's I got addicted to a certain drug for about 18 months, that created a supermom, but through recovery I began an addiction to my family, creating memories to last a lifetime.

While growing up, I escaped the disfunction of home through the 4-H. We did not have livestock as the other kids had but that didn't matter to me. I excelled in the domestic area's like cooking, sewing, demostrations, and can you you guess, table ssetting. I can honestly say I excelled in all of the area's, accept for bicycling. This and a few other projects that had to be done to earn stars or awards, but weren't ones I fell in love with. What I did fall in love with was pasties, sewing and setting tables. I still have my shoe box full of all the blues ribbons I had won.

Now my addiction has grown from one set of dishes to 8, from universal plain napkins, to 6 drawers full for an array of colors for just about every occassion and with table clothes to cordinate with them. These are just a few of the tables we have had these last few years.

Had I known then that I would be blogging about my tables, I would have made sure the napkins were ironed and well displayed. That extra work does happen for the real special occassion, like showers, weddings, or such, but when it is just us, I don't get as picky. Maybe I should!

I know I have pictures unscanned of those early years where I would set a table for so many occassions. The kids would come home from school and be wowed by the display for Valentines Day to their Birthdays. We didn't even have a real table back then. An old power line spool did the job, but add a table cloth, flowers, candels, and place settings, it was magically transformed. 

I remember one year, our boys senior year in high school, they arranged for a dinner to be at home of one of the young ladies, and asked to use my linens and dishes. They even took pictures for me, and I was very impressed. Dang, I really need that scanner!

I am proud that all my children have inherited some of my creative qualities. One of these days I will get that new scanner (still can't get mine to work) so that I can get some more of our journey uploaded on the computer. Not only am I addicted to table settings but also to themed parties and can you guess, picture taking. As an addict, I go all out and full steam ahead. Since becoming ill, it has only slowed me down just a bit while teaching me to start early in the planning. After all LIFE is a lesson and we learn new things and ways everyday.

So those are my addictions, dishes, linen's, pictures and parties. All complement the other and all makes Our Journey Through LIFE incredible! What are your's?

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  1. Your tables settings are beautiful. I was in 4H also, but I was raised on a ranch, so I had animals and never participated in anything else. I love to sew, so I am addicted to fabric. I have more than I will probably ever use, but I love finding a great fabric on the clearance table.



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