Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lisa Leonard Deisgns

I found this awesome jewelry, by Lisa Leonard, a couple years ago. Of course through my daughter, who had a friend who receive one of her neckless's and she sent me the link because she wanted one. Being the Mom that I am, I not only ordered one for her but also for my sister in law. And as always, I didn't buy for myself.

Now I have the opportunity to WIN a gift card so I can get one for myself. If I win, this is the neckless I would use the gift card for. It's perfect,  5 charms for 5 'Grands'

Check out Our Daze in the Desert with Arizona Mama who is doing the giveaway. You too, if you head over there, can enter a chance to win a $40.00 gift certificate for her store, and get one Lisa's awesome pieces.

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