Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hump Day

I just love Wednesday's!

Not just for the Wordless or the Way Back linky's but because, and I'm sure you all can agree, it's the middle of the week. Equal days are behind as are the days ahead. 

Plus I love Wednesday night T.V., The Middle, Modern Family and Cougar Town. Afterwards, Hubby watches Nip and Tuck, yuck, but it does give me me time, to play, search, or blog on the computer.

Wednesday also brings out the new SALE ads. As my hubby says, rarely do I ever pay full price for anything, and rarely do I ever buy for myself. I can count on one hand how many times I shop for myself and it is always because we have some type of business meeting, convention, or a wedding or graduation to attend. Remember a while back, I was cleaning out the closet, and donated clothes that still had tags on them. It is easier for me to give them away, or give them and the reciept to my daughter and let her exchange them, then for me to return or exchange. More then likely, it was all I could find to buy for some occassion, know there was nothing else I saw I wanted, and I love the feeling that someone else could use it, even my daughter. This weeks shopping included new car seats for the 'Grands', new bedding for the 'Grands', Valenitnes for the 'Grands', Birthday gifts for, you guessed it, the 'Grands'. I just love 'Grand' shopping!

It means my therapy is one day away, and I always feel so much better afterwards.

By Wednesday, laundry is done, things are picked up, sorta, but at least most of it and I'm always ready for the housekeeper to come in 2 more days.

So this hump day was better then last weeks in the dumps days.


  1. It does get easier but there will be a hole in your life for a while. One day you'll wake up and it will be a whole lot better..

  2. Life is good and better days are on your way.



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