Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bella Comes Home

We got to bring Bella home today. After our visit yesterday, the breeder asked if we wanted to take her.

Wow! Really!

Told him I had to discuss it with hubby, asked if he would be home today, and said you just might see us. This morning we got up and headed to PetSmart for the last of the supplies and a few toys. The 'Grands' were here when we got back and helped us construct the crate and play area for her. Once gramps and SD (their step dad) got back from their parts run I decided we were ready. The 'Grands' stayed at the house while me and my daughter set out to get her.

Monday, when I went for a visit, I took her a pretty pink collar. Last evening the collar was off her and so were all the dots on it. I guess the other pups wouldn't leave it alone and kept chewing at it so the breeder removed it. He questioned if I knew which one was her. At first, the one he thought was her was not he. The minute I got the other pup in my arms, I knew I had the right one. I spent about 15 minutes with both, just to be sure, and I knew I had right one.
Once home, the 'Grands' we so excited!
We now begin a new journey in our life. The pain of missing Maybell has been eased by the affection of Bella. We are surely blessed.


  1. She is a beautiful little pup, and the grands are adorable.

  2. That's so wonderful!! Who is the other pup in the third picture down? Looks like a golden.

  3. Love her! Reminds me of when our Molly was a baby! Oh how I miss puppy breath! (does that make me wierd?)

  4. The gold doggie is our 12 year old over weight Flatcoat Retreiver, Abby.



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