Friday, December 25, 2009

MERRY, MERRY Christmas

Even though I felt like I was always behind in the preparations, everything came together and turned out great.


The new dining room, even without window treatments, worked FABULOUSLY! We had so much room. Our table was full of loved one's, serving a fresh salmon my hubby had shipped down from Washington...YUMMMY!

We had so much room, even Santa came

Table all ready for Christmas Morning Breakfast
Breakfast being prepared by Grandpa

Isn't he beginning to look a lot like Santa, LOL. We have a really nice suit, but he didn't want to dress up this year. No problem...the last time...the 'Grands' caught on it was grandpa. Worked great when they were little. He also has gone around to other friends houses with small children. Something he hopes to do again...NOW that MAJOR construction is over and our lives can return to some normalcy. We'll see what next year holds?

Next Year? Only a week away! Why is it as you get older, the years get shorter?

I hope you all hade a wonderful and Merry Christmas!

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