Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 5 "For nothing is impossible with God." ( Luke 1:37)

In the last couple of days we found out that my brother and his son were not able to make the Nascar race at PIR as planned. This left us with 2 tickets unsold. We quickly posted them on Craigslist, but upon doing so, saw that there we many more people selling tickets as well. Feeling like our would not sell, we turned to pray and what was God's direction for us and these tickets.

Yesterday my hubby had a thought, and a good thought it was, it was from God. The more I prayed on the matter, the more he guided us to do something for someone else.

We have a dear friend who is in stage 4 breast cancer. She has always wanted to go to a Nascar race and God has provided her with this gift. I just got though talking with her and she is very excited. Please keep her in your prays so that she feels her best for this wonderful experience. I did not tell her, but I will also give her my Hot Lap tickets so she can experience how fast they go on the track. We have done it before and enjoy making others happy. It will be a wonderful surprise.

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