Monday, November 30, 2009

Day 30...Life After NoBloPoMo....

I did it! 30 days...30 Blogs,
and some days even more.

I enjoyed doing it so much that I will never, or at least try, go back to writing quarterly or as in the beginning, yearly. Doing this challenge, I connected with many other wonderful bloggers. I guess you can say I am hooked.

Now to move onto creating a NEW LOOK for my blog, wow, this is harder then I thought it was going to be. Does everyone experience the confussion? Or is it just me!

Be patient, I tell myself. So please, be patient with me also. After all,

"I even asked the Lord to try to help me:
He looked down from Heaven, said to tell you please;
Just be patient, I'm a work in progress."

I Love Alan Jackson!

I love reading about all the mom's journeys through their blogs.

Being a MOM, now a GRANDMA, raised 3 children, now guiding my daughter and son, through that same journey, fills my heart in ways, well, it's almost indescribable.

 I once thought I was the only one who had challenges in the children department. I learned that I was not, and with all the right support, I could raise wonderful additions to the world. As you move on, doing all the MOM things, wondering the if's of did this work or the that's of it didn't work's, remember...

Jeremiah 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Had I known then, what I know now. Had I truely listened (definately those were the "I knew more" stage of life) to the wise words of those who had done it before, just maybe, I would have done some things differently. However, with all we went through, it brought growth in so many ways, and contributed to who and where we are now.

Seeing our finished product, continueing to see life through their eyes, well, it just completes me.

Our walls and hearts are FULL of the memories of that journey...reminding us, that even during some real rocky roads or high hills that we climbed, how we handled each stage and/or crisis, brought growth for all of us. And guess what, it doesn't end...because after parenting, you're lucky enough to be given the title of "GRAND"parenting.

We can support and encourage with the the knowledge and love we acquired along our journey, just as our mother's before us.

I believe Mother's can Teach Mother's to Mother!

Let's not forget...

Father's can Teach Father's to Father, too!

No matter how old or how young!

OUR journey through LIFE, sharing the ups and downs, the this and that's, through this blogging world,

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