Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 29...Shopping FRENZY!

One more day to go...

Thanks to NoBloPoMo I have wrote mor this month then I ever had before and now plan to stick with. I have met some really nice people by it. Receives new direction and confidence in writing. I'm no Pulister but I so have enjoyed this month of blogging.

One of those I follow wrote about Hot Toys for Christmas and the shopping frenzy that comes with them.


Yep, I was there when the Cabbage Patch Dolls were HOT! I waited in the cold (we lived in northern California then) for hours for the store to open. Like now, they had small stacks statigicly placed throughout the store. Once the doors opened, the women ran like ants at a picnic, scooping up a doll. Back then, and at this store, it was, 1 doll per person, something they don't seem to do today. I wasn't being picky, I just wanted to make sure my daughter had one. So I grabbed from the first stack I came to, gathered some other items and cashed out. I guess a lady in line had seen the doll I bought and came running out to me in the parking lot. The doll I had is the one she was hoping to get but ended up with a blonde baby instead. Hmmmm! I didn't tell her, but I really wanted a blonde and not the burnette I got. She offered me $$ to trade with her. Of course I said YES! The doll ended up costing me $5.88 and I got the blonde haired beauty I had wanted.


23 years later, comes the TMX Tickle Me Elmo and I have a 4 year grandson. From lessons learned I did not camp out at the store for hours, but I was one of many that paid 3x what they were worth. Yep, and after the new year, they were everywhere for the regular price.


Now to the present and the Zhu, Zhu, pet hamster. Yes, I have been looking for 4 since October but have not been in the right place at the right time. I did not camp out Black Friday for them. I will not be paying ebay's outrageous price either. Thankfully, the grandkids have birthday's just after the new year and am sure they will be on the shelves and at their regualr price of $9.99 or less. So I will wait this one out.

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