Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Life is Full of Choice's

When my children were in grammer school, there was a sentence that had to be wrote when they made a bad choice:

"Life is full of choices, the choice I made brought with it the consequences of having to write these sentences. Next time I will make a better choice."

My children were great kids but the boys, they had to push the envelope. Never was the sentences for bad actions, just bad choices. For instance, acting up in class, speaking out of turn, not turning in school work, would give you a certain number of minutes in time out at recess. Well, my boys didn't like missing out at play. They would allow the time out slips to add up so much that it would take away their whole play time. To still have play time, they would have to write the sentence for the number of unserved minutes that had accumilated.

It didn't stop in grammer school for us. We carried that sentence with us through out many trial and tribulations that kids can take you through.

Just the other day, I reminded them once again, when a bad choice bit them in the butt. Next time, they will make a better choice, and they learned another great lesson that life if full of.

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