Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What a Ride we have been on!

And it brought us to here!

I can't believe it's been 7 going on 8 months since my last update. I need to get on here and update more often.

Since February we have had a number of doctor appointments and the results were good in some ways but discouraging in other. Besides the non-specific myopathy they also found I have cervical stenosis....

Cervical stenosis may occur at a very slow or
very fast rate. These changes cause narrowing
of the spinal canal and can pinch the spinal
cord and nerve roots. Spinal cord or nerve
function may be affected, causing symptoms
of cervical radiculopathy or myelopathy.
(Cervical stenosis is the name for the actual
narrowing of the canal, while cervical
myelopathy indicates injury to the spinal cord
and its function.)
Ok, it explained a lot but unfortunately that was not all they found. The MRI showed multiple tumors and a PET scan was ordered. Thankfully this test showed they are most likely benign, but because of the number of them and because of their location I was sent to a neurosurgeon. Unfortunately she feels surgery is not an option. Their locations are to deep and would cause other problems if we tried to remove any of them. So I feel I am a ticking time-bomb. The tumors are fed by my blood. We will keep my blood pressure under control as when it is elevated, it causes the tumors to pulse and seep, causing even more pain. Game plan...PET scan every 6 months, watch, wait, and adjust life. They also found some nodules in my breast, again most likely benign and I go next month for another test. Keep praying that these too are benign.

Enough about my health...let's talk about LIFE! Making memories.....

Starting in April we began the last of our remodel...the kitchen. A new door went in that led out to the patio. New windows and finally the cabinets in the new space. Best way to do a kitchen as I had the old one to use as the new one was built. I love my new kitchen. During the wedding, the room it gave us worked so well.

April also brought NASCAR.

We had all our grandchildren at the race in Phoenix. 
We had an Easter Egg hunt at the track. 
The kids had so much fun!

Mother's Day, my family took me to a lovely brunch at the Hilton. It was the first year since 2001 I had all my kids together on this day. I loved each and every moment. There wasn't much smiling though. One of my sons was going through some hard times, but it was still great to have them all together. 

In June we took our daughter and her family to Sea World San Diego. 

The kids were tall enough for the Atlantis rolloer coaster/water ride. 
It was a blast.

Once the remodel was at a point we could stop, and before the preparations for the wedding began...we took a much needed week vacation to Napa to see my best friends wedding.

We drove up Highway 1 through Dana Point, Luguna Beach and Newport
Beach right about sunset and got some really beautiful pictures of the sunset. Unfortunately whe we got to the grapevine, a bad accident had it closed and slowed down our trip. Since we had Maybell with us, we stopped in Stockdale for the night.

We made it to Napa for my girlfriends birthday celebration. Her daughters (twins) had a wonderful time decorating and hosting her party...they even sprayed her down with silly string, LOL.
We went to San Francisco with my brother, had lunch at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Factory, walked Pier 39 (yep I walked-took me 2 days to recover but had a fabulous time), saw the seals and caught the ferry back.

My best girlfriend married Larry's best friend. 
A match made in heaven!

Our daughter blogged each and every moment of the wedding preparations....Her blog will show how busy we had been these past few months. We painted the outside of the house, did a little landscaping (more to go but looked good) and did some very crafty things for the celebration.

We had some very special guest come down for the event...Cousin Dave, his wife Titou and son Brooks came from Washington.

Aggie who has stepped in as the grandchildren's, great grandmother since Ellie's death, came down from Napa. Also from Napa was my brother Bill, his wife Tina and daughter Tiffany. Since he had to guard the bar he was not available for a professional photo (good excuse to not have his picture taken, lol).

This it for now...next...Fall break with the grandchildren, NASCAR, Thanksgiving, Nutcracker Ballet and Christmas...come on back and watch our family LIVE life to the fullest.

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